AdvantageBot – Watch Me Create This Subject Line In Real Time

I recently purchased an excellent desktop tool – AdvantageBot – which, surprisingly perhaps, is based on rather old technology…

In this video, you can see me the tool to using to craft the subject line which I used in the email I sent to my subscribers about it.

MANY years ago I stumbled across, what seemed to me at the time, to be a very sophisticated tool for scoring the “sales potential” of headlines or other short items of text.

The product was called Glyphus, and had been developed by a very smart person who thoroughly understood text analysis and advanced algorithms – AND could implement that understanding in a computer program. I remember thinking four things at that time…

1. Wow! This is very clever stuff!

2. I would LOVE to get this and use it to improve my business, but…

3. It all looks a bit complex… and

4. It’s too expensive for me at the moment


Id’ completely forgotten about it until it popped up in a sales page about AdvantageBot – which is Glyphus technology re-packaged in a much simpler (and very engaging) form.

You can read more about it, and purchase it, from here:

AdvantageBot Sales Page

I definitely recommend this to anyone who is serious about online marketing. I now use it just about every day.

Alex Goodall

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