Azon Early Bird – Be First, Be Faster or CHEAT

Azon Early Bird
This post compares Azon Early Bird (which you can read about here) with InstaNiche, which I reviewed in the last post.
I watched the film Margin Call last night. It’s the story of a large investment bank right at the start of the recent crash. The boss, John Tuld (played by the superb Jeremy Irons) explains the three ways to make money:
Be First, Be Smarter or Cheat
He’s just been told that they have huge amounts of toxic mortgage-backed securities which are going to drop in value quickly. A drop of 25% would more than wipe out the value of the whole company.
Tuld foresees that this problem is far bigger than just his own company and that massive financial turmoil is about to happen.
Since he doesn’t cheat, and since – although he has smart people – there are no smart options, his only choice is to be FIRST.
So he decides to be FIRST sell off the debt.
He arranges for all his traders to sell all the toxic debt during the course of one day – something which would normally take weeks – before the rest of the market figures out what’s happening. (In the process, both the individual traders and the company have their reputations ruined: but the company doesn’t go bust.)
It’s a great film, with a nice mix of moral soul-searching, unemotional business pragmatism, and spurious pretense that the business serves some grander purpose in the world.

How this relates to Azon Early Bird and InstaNiche

I’ve twisted the quote to be
Be First, Be Faster or Cheat
so that I can compare InstaNiche (FAST) with Azon Early Bird (FIRST)
There’s no place for cheating!
InstaNiche – which has proved to be HUGELY popular – is the way to create fully-functional Amazon mini-sites FAST.
I know – I created one in a matter of minutes.
But, the very feature that makes InstaNiche site building so fast, is exactly what makes it limited: you are restricted to using the niches they provide, and the core Amazon products that go with each sub-niche.
That means, you cannot use it as a means the be FIRST?

But how can you make money by being FIRST?

The trick here is to know about products that have JUST been launched, or are SOON to be launched – and then create a site and YT video before anyone else, get ranked (easily – because there is no competition!) and then just wait for the searches to start happening.
That’s the approach taken with Azon Early Bird – which I bought today. (I’m late to the game – I think today is the last day of the launch.)
The product is from Gaz Cooper who makes his living as an Amazon affiliate, and has been doing so for many years.
With his approach, you have to do rather more work to build your Amazon websites – but you have no restrictions on the niches and products you choose. 
He shows how to find soon-to-be-released products, and what to do rank for them. He even includes a template website which you can use to create very specific websites.
(If you follow this route, use his instructions to create your first website, and then use the free plugin WP Clone to copy it for future use: you’ll save at least one hour each time.
Gaz’s approach is rather obvious, once it’s been pointed out – but he provides some very handy tips about how to put the idea into practice.
If you’re serious about this approach, there are two very relevant upsells ($27 each) which are certainly worth getting.
Watch his video showing how easy it is to get ranked when there’s no competition!
THAT’s what makes it important to be FIRST!

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