Changes to the IPMA and Mentoring Programs within Internet Professionals

This is a very important announcement to all current and prospective members of the Internet Professionals Master Agenda program (IPMA), and my Mentoring Program.


Changes to the Offers

The major change in the offers is that there will no longer be a regular webinar. I am making this change for two main reasons.

Firstly, having created the body of IPMA content, I don't feel it would be valuable to simply keep adding new content. What is more important is to help people use the current content more effectively.

Secondly, webinars take up an hour: but to help people use the content better, what is needed is to have material presented in bite-sized chunks: including short videos.

For these reasons, I will spend my IPMA development time on refining the current content via short videos, PDFs, checklists etc, rather than adding yet more 1-hour long webinar recordings.

I will still run webinars every now and then, as the need arises.

Pricing changes

As from today (4th July), the price of access to the IPMA material is $270 for lifetime access. This can be paid in 10 instalments of $27, with immediate access to all the material on payment of first installment.

After 10 payments, you have lifetime access to the IPMA material with nothing further to pay.

If you cancel before completing the 10 payments, you will be able to resume making payments at a later date to obtain lifetime access, but you will need to pay for an additional two months.

For current and past subscribers, the rules are different.

Current Mentees:

Alongside access to the IPMA material, the key value from the mentoring program is the initial profile assessment, and the accountability program (where mentees send me a  weekly plan and report which I read and comment on, where relevant). People find this extremely valuable with a core group having stayed in the program for two and a half years. I have also held Skype sessions with some mentees, and I will now introduce that as a defined benefit: mentees can request Skype sessions as and when needed (up to one a month).

The price of this program will revert to the original $47 per month.

Any mentee who stays in the program for 10 months or more retains lifetime access to the IPMA material. If you qualify, I will update your membership rights and let you know. (If you don't hear from me within a week and think you are eligible, let me know).

If you have cancelled your membership and want to get lifetime access – possibly by "topping up" – please let me know and we can work something out.

Current IPMA Members:

If you have paid $270 or more in total subscription fees, cancel your subscription and let me know: I will ensure you retain access to the IPMA material. (Sorry, but I cannot give refunds if you have paid more. I can go as far as making the benefits retrospective, but I cannot also provide refunds since this new pricing policy will already involve a reduction in my income.)

If you have not yet paid $270, keep your subscription as it is, and when you reach $270, cancel and let me know.

If you joined and left, you can rejoin and pay until you have paid a total of $270. Let me know how much you have already paid and I will create a suitable new payment button for you.

Monthly IM Mastery

This is a bonus, not part of the core product.

For as long as it remains a bonus, and for as long as you are paying a monthly subscription, you will automatically get access to the Monthly IM Mastery downloads each month.

I will make a separate post about access to this material under other circumstances.


Links to more information: 

Internet Professionals Master Agenda (IPMA) program

Mentoring Program – everything in the IPMA program, plus extras

Monthly IM Mastery




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