Evernote: How I Use It To Manage My Content

How I Use Evernote

Evernote is one of the tools I use every single day, often very extensively. And so do millions of other people.

Everyone who uses Evernote eventually figures out the optimal way to use it that works for them. However, it can be very helpful to see how someone else uses it – particularly someone who has used it for several years. I could also claim that I’m a good person to listen to because of my strong background in knowledge management (which I used to design all editions of the IMI Organizer).

However, I really do think that the conclusion I come to in the video below is pretty much self-evident – although many people come to a different conclusion.

See what you think.



Within the video, I mention my favourite task-management tool – the Chrome add-on GQueues. This product is at the heart of my Action Management system Max Productivity Mastery.

Finally – if you’d like to get access to the shared Notebook containing my personal learning notes about Facebook Advertising – that is available as a bonus to anyone purchasing the FB Advertising training and software – Dark Post Profits 2.0. Note that the 70% discounted price of this course ends on 13th March 2015.

Note that I will be adding my learning notes about Dark Post Profits (and anything else I need to make a notes about regarding FB Advertising) to the shared Notebook – so this will be a growing repository. AND we’ll have the opportunity to use the Evernote Chat facility to talk about it.


Alex Goodall

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