GPlus Conspiracy Code and the New Era in IM

A new ERA is dawning in IM!
I know that sounds over-dramatic – but bear with me, because the realization creeps up slowly (at least, it did for me!)…
  • We read a few facts here and there about changes with Google search – and it's all very interesting
  • Then we realize that all those individual facts amount to something much greater than the sum of their parts: "interesting" becomes important.
  • Then it dawns on us that this is different. Fundamentally so. Strategically so. So different, it's like the dawn of a new ERA.
Initially that may seem like an over-reaction, because when you try to put into words exactly what the change is, it sounds neither new nor profound.
The way I would put it is this.
Our reputation and authority WITH PEOPLE is what will determine our online success in future.
[Compare this with the past ERA when Google gave most importance to "reputation and authority WITH SITES", by valuing backlinks above all else.]
It's a small change in wording, but the implications are massive. Things won't change overnight, but the direction of travel is now unquestionably clear.

So what am I personally doing about this?

Having accepted the broad picture of where things are headed, I decided I needed to get to grips with more of the details before taking any specific steps.

It's clear that most of us (me included) need a LOT more focus on social media, but the area most of us are weakest in, and where, ironically, we should probably be starting, is Google Plus – after all, the new ERA is largely being defined by Google.

Then I found these two Aussie brothers who have developed a strong reputation in this area and are exploiting Google Plus as a very serious traffic source.

So actually, I'm going to learn from them and kill two birds with one stone:
1. Get familiar with the lie of the land in this new ERA, AND
2. Take practical steps to get some fast benefits through increased traffic!

If you're skeptical about this "new ERA" business, read this and see if it changes your mind:

By the way….
I've looked at GPlus before and given a small presentation to some local business colleagues. The most valuable part was a few slides that clarified something REALLY confusing… who gets what messages when you post to G+, depending on who is in YOUR circles, who's circles YOU are in, and what type of post you make. Can you explain that? I'll bet you get into a dither when you try!
SO – if you get the GPlus Conspiracy Code product using my link, I'll send you the slides I created on that topic. (Actually, they will be new, updated and redesigned-to-make-it-clearer slides: Google changed some things, and I found a better way to explain things!).
If you take me up on this, copy-and-paste your Paypal receipt into a support ticket, and I'll get back to you soon.
Let me know what you think…
– do you agree this is a new ERA?
– have I characterized the difference correctly?
– did you get the GPCC product – what do you think of it?
– did you get my slides – what do you think of them?
Comment below, please!

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