How To Link To A Facebook Post Image

Facebook Timeline Images
There’s a lot you can do with a Facebook post image or video these days. Over the last three months a number of tools have been released that allow you to:
  • Automatically redirect people to a URL after they watch a video in a Facebook post
  • Add optin forms, countdown timers and calls to action to video posts
  • Provide surveys, quizzes and polls before presenting visitors with an optin form
  • Segment your optins using those surveys, quizzes and polls
We now have a very rich set of capabilities.
But something is still missing – a solution to the most basic flaw in Facebook’s functionality…. This issue of what Facebook does when you click on a Facebook post image.
For Facebook, an image is just an image, so if you click on it, Facebook just shows you a bigger version of it. Which is not helpful to the reader, and definitely not what YOU want, as a marketer.
Because for you, an image is a “graphical link”: which means you want people who click on it to be directed to a URL of your choosing.
Although we have had a spate of new and clever tools that do all sorts of things with Facebook posts – none of them addresses this basic shortcoming.
Until now!
Timeline Image Leverage allows you create posts with images that are clickable in EXACTLY the way you want them to be.
Internet ProfessionalsYou can see this in action on our Internet Professionals Facebook page. (But don’t be too disappointed: it doesn’t do anything clever. It does exactly what you would expect when you click on an image – but the point is that that’s not the default Facebook behaviour!)
Although the user interface of the plugin doesn’t look all that professional, it does the job and it’s very, very easy to use.

One-Time Offer

After you buy the product, you’ll get presented with an offer to buy another plugin. 
This one provides some very nice additional functionality (in a slightly clunky way, I have to say) – which is to put an optin form on video posts . This is a VERY powerful capability to have because you effectively put your lead capture right where the traffic is!
But this functionality is NOT unique.
Social EngageIn particular, if you purchased Social Engage, which I told you about in February – you DON’T need this OTO.
If you didn’t buy it, thought, I strongly recommend getting Social Engage instead of the OTO for Timeline Image Leverage. Although it’s more expensive, it does a LOT more, and provides more flexibility.
But if you can’t afford Social Engage, then get the Timeline Image Leverage OTO to get access to that powerful capability.
Alex Goodall

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