How To Plan An Internet Marketing Project

Let me guess…

If you read "Planning" and thought "how boring!", you have probably not gone through the trauma of defining and launching a product or website.

On the other hand, if you have gone through a launch, you probably thought "this could be interesting – let me check it out".
The thing is, the idea of "planning" is often strange to people new to the world of internet marketing. The advice you get from vendors of most systems is simply to get on and DO IT.

That's OK if you are still in the learning and training mode and are not working on building your main business. But if you are at the point where you DO want to create a business that will fulfil your Vision – it is essential to create a detailed plan before starting to implement it.

For most people, however, planning can seem like a distraction. You know what needs to be done, don't you? So why spend time writing that down?
For many very good reasons…

  • Because there are always more things to do than you realise.
  • Because everything will take longer than you think.

And when your initial launch day comes and goes, and you're still only 15% ready, you'll get despondent and possibly give up entirely.

It's much better to have a realistic time estimate beforehand, based on your plan.

  • Because there are a whole host of options and decision to be made, and if you make those decision as you go along you are almost certain to have a less than ideal result.

For example, if you decided late in the day to introduce a One Time Offer – because you'd not planned that beforehand – and you've already bought and configured your sales management system, which doesn't allow you to create OTOs, you're stuck.

Your options are:
– NOT include an OTO; or
– Change your sales management system; or
– Buy special OTO software and integrate it; or
– Hire a programmer

None of which is an ideal outcome.

I have a saying about planning:

Your either plan or you gamble.

So how DO you go about planning an internet marketing project? In outline, this is my method:

First – Identify all Processes

This includes all Prospect processes (the paths your leads and customers will go through on your sites and autoresponders) and Operational processes (things you will be doing on a regular basis when your business is up and running – writing a newsletter, backlinking, support etc. etc.)

This step on its own will raise a huge number of decisions you need to make – and it's much more efficient to make those decisions NOW, right at the beginning.

Second – Identify all Components that need to be in place for each Process

Carefully analysing the Processes will make it clear to you exactly what Components you need. Some you may already have, but many will need to be created (websites, landing pages, videos, autorepsonders, messages, keyword list etc. etc.)

Third – Create your Plan

  1. List your Components
  2. Work out the best order for creating the Components (some will have to be done before others)
  3. Write down each step needed to create each Component (e.g. may involve researching, buying, learning about and configuring a product)
  4. Decide who will do each step
  5. Allocate a time to each step

And that's your plan!


Planning is one of the stages in my Internet Professionals Master Agenda program.



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