Internet Marketing Business Models – How To Make A Choice

What do you do to make money online? And more importantly – how did you come to make the decision to do what you are doing?

In one respect, it doesn't matter too much. In another respect, it matters hugely!

The trouble is – most people don't think about these things at the right level – if at all. So here are some helpful clarifications:

  • If you are currently in "learning and training" mode, then what you are doing online is not too important, provided you are learning the key ideas and skills and principles of internet marketing
  • But if you think you are beyond learning and training and that you are now seriously developing your main online income business – then it matters HUGELY! Not only does it matter WHAT you are doing, but it matters HOW you came to decide.

In practice, most people:

  • Muddle "learning and training" with "building a lasting business". They think they can do both at the same time – which is a BIG mistake. (If you wanted to earn an income as a surgeon, would you expect to do your training on live patients? If you were going to make money as a corporate accountant, would expect to take on full responsibility for a merger and acquisition as part of your learning program?)
  • Make the decision about what to do based on the most recent and persuasive sales pitch which they spent money on. (And which will most likely be replaced in 2-3 months by the next most recent and persasive pitch.)
  • Never quite make the transition from "learning and training" to "building a lasting business"

Little wonder, then, that 90% of would-be online marketers are stuck in a sort of limbo that benefits no-one except the promoters of IM business systems.

The solution, of course, is to take a higher-level, strategic, principled approach to whole of your online endeavours – which is precisely what the Internet Professionals Master Agenda is all about.

And a critical component of that is the Choosing & Defining Stage: the point at which you consciously make the decision about what sort of business you want to set up.

It's no good simply saying "An internet marketing business", because that is far too vague. There are MANY options within that – and most people consider very few of them – often because they are never presented with a big-picture overview of all the possible options.

And think about this:

  • Do you want to set up an "internet marketing" business, OR
  • Do you want to set up a business that makes use of "internet marketing"?

There is a big difference, but many people never make a clear distinction between the two.

Finally, some people agonize about making a choice for so long, they end up doing nothing for years. When you choose a business model, you have to commit to it – but not necessarily for ever! When you make your choice, you need to be clear about your level of commitment, and decide, right up front, how (and when) you will assess whether or not it was the right choice for you.

All these issues, and more, and covered by the Choosing & Defining Stage of the Internet Professionals Master Agenda, which forms the core of my Internet Professionals Mentoring Program.

You can review the schedule of topics being covered in the tab at the top of this page, but note that recordings of all past webinars are available to full members of the Program.


One thought on Internet Marketing Business Models - How To Make A Choice

  • Thanks for this type of information, it definitely puts one back on track.
    When you get to the 'muddle' section of internet business, you tend to stray and lose sight of your goals.

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