Internet Marketing Goals – The SMART Way

A central pillar of my internet marketing mentoring program is the Weekly Reports.
And an important component of those Reports is setting goals for the week.
If you've not heard about (or forgotten about) SMART goals – this is the way to set goals that are SMART. They should be:
Specific: Something very definite so that it is…
Measurable: You must know for sure whether or not you have achieved it
Attainable:  Don't be over-ambitious
Relevant:  It must contribute to your overall goals / be part of your plan
Time-Bound: By definition, it is, because you are planning to do it THIS week.
"Work on my blog" – not measurable
"Write 3 blog posts" – measurable
"Learn about SEO" – is this attainable in a week if you have 4 other goals?
"Spend 4 hours reading 'SEO for Dummies' " – attainable and measurable

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