Internet Marketing Mentoring Trial – Coming Soon

I will soon be offering a Trial Membership of my mentoring program.

This will allow you to experience the program for a week (probably 8 days) before deciding whether or not it's right for you.

You can read about the full mentoring program here.

I'll be offering the trial places first to people who register on this announcement list. If all places fill up, I won't be offering the places anywhere else. If you are interested, I recommend getting on this list now.

This is what you will get:

What you get as part of the Trial


Profile / Business Development Review

I'll give you a template to complete to give me information about you, your experience, your plans and your activities to date.

I will personally review this and provide a detailed review, using the concepts of my Master Agenda business development stages.

This is one of the most valuable elements of my Mentoring program. It takes me an hour or more to review and respond to each profile.


Access to my private e-mail address – for mentees only

During your 8 days, you will have access to this special email address. You can use this to ask me about my review of your profile.


Overview of the complete Master Agenda

The Master Agenda is the unique and hugely powerful framework which I use to guide people through the development of their online business.

It includes all the important topics which you never get with ready-made "business systems".

This is a recording of a 1-hour webinar where I go through each of the seven Master Agenda Stages.


E-Mail, Time & Purchase Management

This is the core content of the first Stage of the Master Agenda: the Asserting! Stage.

It explains in detail what you need to do to 'clear the decks' so you are ready to adopt the principled and systematic approach to creating an online business by going through the rest of the Stages of the Master Agenda.

  • How to manage your email

  • How to manage your time

  • How to control your purchases

This is a recording of a 1-hour webinar.


Invitation to attend the next live Webinar

Your trial period is 8 days so that you'll be able to attend one of our weekly "Group Session" live webinars.


Total Value


Cost To You Of The Trial



TBA -Very Low!!

This may be a once-off offer, so do take advantage of it when it becomes available.





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