Internet Marketing Purchases – Record Them And Save Money

Purchase Records – Purpose Records

Here’s a valuable tip for you…

One of the files I provide quick access to in the IMI Organizer is the Purchase Records file (a spreadsheet). If you don’t own the product, you should create such a spreadsheet and keep it somewhere handy: it is VERY useful.

Whenever I buy anything for my internet business, I make a note of the details in that file. It’s a good administrative and record-keeping discipline and I make it an essential step in my buying process.

But actually, what makes this much more than an administrative step is the column I fill in that I’ve headed “What Will I Use This For”. That turns it into a record of my intent or purpose in making the purchase.

This does two things.

Firstly, it means that, before I make any purchase, I work out in my head exactly WHY I am buying it – knowing that I will have to make a record of this. This is a good way of stopping me buying something just because of persuasive sales copy.

Secondly, it allows me to look back over past purchases and see how many times I actually did what I intended to do with my purchase. That used to be rather a depressing exercise – but as my planning has improved, so have my purchasing decisions.

And having this as a step in my purchase process has been a big help.

I recommend this to all my mentees, and have received feedback that it HAS worked in stopping some purchases, because the record of the history made that were never used.

Try it, and let me know how you get on.

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