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What do you think about my Internet Professionals Master Agenda Program (IPMA)?

[In a nutshell, the IPMA helps you define and build your business based on strategy and professionalism, rather than short-term, get-rick-quick, amateurism. This is, I am sure you'll agree, the ONLY route to lasting online success.


If you have any views, make a comment below – whether you're a mentee, a full member, and induction member or an observer.

The reason I ask is because I have some major developments ready to start on 7th July, and if you have particular views about the Program which I may not have considered – I want to know now!

Whatever your status in regards to the Program YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND the introductory webinar on the 7th July. Get on the announcement list here:


I've been thinking hard about how I can make this program even MORE valuable to its members. I already introduced the Monthly IM Mastery products, which have been very well received.

However, I believe the most valuable thing I can do is not create MORE material, but do more to help you make better use of what is already there. There are three things I can do to help with this

First – I can break down the guidance into smaller steps so that it does not appear so overwhelming

Second – I can provide more examples and demonstrations showing you HOW to take those steps

Third – I can help you keep track of where you are in the process, and what actions you still need to perform

So – starting on July 7th, in just under 2 weeks, that is what I am going to do!

I'm going to kick off a WEEKLY webinar program (twice as often as advertised) to go through the whole IMPA Program in great detail. The webinar on the 7th will be free and open to everyone. During that event I will explain in more detail how the program will work.

Sign up NOW to get on the announcement list and get recommendations for what you can be doing in the lead-up to the start of the Program



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