Is this the easiest money-making system online?

Easiest Money Making System

Jeremy Kennedy is claiming that his system – Guaranteed Subscribers – is the easiest money-making system – and he claims to have made over $2,000 in his first month.

I’m going to clinically analyze his claims in detail.

At the time of writing this post, his product had just been launched with no fan-fare and probably few JV partners.

My researching highlighted it yesterday and I’ve been digging into it as deeply as I can because quite possibly that big, bold claim might just be true!

Below is a clinical analysis of exactly how easy it is or isn’t, and what can and cannot be guaranteed. But for this to make sense, you should watch the short sales video first:

Watch the sales video

Here are the specific claims Jeremy makes: he says that you can set up this business…

Is this the easiest money-making system?

Furthermore, he is claiming that HE made over $2,000 profit applying this in his first 30 days. (Note that he does not guarantee that YOU will achieve that – but I’ll comment on that below.)

A) Is this the Easiest Money-Making System For Beginners?

Is there really no need for a website or squeeze page?

Correct. Not needed

Do you need your own product?


Do you need to use Social Media (Facebook etc.)?


Is there any guesswork or testing involved?

To some extent. You will need to decide on which of the done-for-you emails to use, and some emails/products will perform better than others. It would be sensible to expect to do some testing – but it’s likely that you’ll be profitable anyway if you choose your initial emails wisely.

In ANY form of online marketing, expect to do testing in order to increase your profits, and to adjust to changes in market conditions.

Do you need any experience?

Hardly. Jeremy covers what you need in the simple training.

Is it really 100% autopilot?


Except for the testing, which I advise you to make part of your ongoing business operations.

My conclusion is that Jeremy’s Guaranteed Subscribers could well be the easiest money-making system for beginners.

B) To what extend is this “Guaranteed Income”?

All we have at this point is Jeremy’s own experience – so we have to use that as a starting point.

Did Jeremy’s income of $2,880 in one month come SOLELY from this system?

I asked Jeremy via Skype how far he could demonstrate that this was the case. It’s virtually impossible to provide unequivocal evidence for something like that, but within a few minutes Jeremy had sent me a number of screen-shots that make it very plausible that he DID use only his system.

However, it’s not clear how much he adjusted/tailored the emails he sent out.

How effective is the lead source that he recommends?

Irrespective of what emails Jeremy used, his income proves one thing: the lead source is responsive and converts. That fact alone is VERY valuable. Normally you’d have to test multiple sources and pick one that works.

The evidence here is that you WILL have access to an effective lead source.

Will YOU be able to match Jeremy’s income?

That’s impossible to guarantee. Use common sense and perhaps get some advice when choosing which emails to use /products to promote (e.g. join Jeremy’s Mastermind Group) and your chances of success are as high – and probably higher – than with any other system.

Again – expect to test and adjust: that’s the way it is with online marketing.

Most folk never even get to the point where they are active enough to have anything meaningful to test.

But with Guaranteed Subscribers you could have a business up and running – and be testing it  – within 24 hours.

Check out Guaranteed Subscribers

Folks  – I’ve picked apart Jeremy’s product more than I would pick apart any other product – but only because I’m so taken by it.

Don’t be put off because I’ve found it to be NOT 100% guaranteed income (and to be fair, Jeremy does not make any income guarantees) and NOT quite as easy as falling off a log.

But as far as I can see, this is as close to “guaranteed” and “falling off a log” as you’re likely to get. My nit-picking has just shown you where you need to focus to edge towards “guaranteed.”

It is definitely a strong contender for being awarded the prize for being the easiest money-making system online – that actually makes a good income!

I normally say “if you already have a business model, don’t get distracted – just stick to that”. But in this case, I recommend going for this AS WELL! It’s so straightforward, the distraction should be minimal.

Either you can set it up as an independent, virtually hands-free income stream, or you could use it to tap into an additional lead source.

Get it today, and set yourself a goal to have a business up and running before the week-end.

That’s what I’m going to do!

Get started today!

Best of luck

3 thoughts on Is this the easiest money-making system online?

  • Hello there,
    this product does look interesting and I am tempted to give it a try!
    I am however concerned that I can’t find any mention of upsells, though reading this article suggests that there is a mastermind group, is this part of the package or is it an upsell?
    Details of any upsells and their prices would be much appreciated.

  • Hello Wurzel

    There is an upsell – which is a monthly fee ($19.95) to join the mastermind group (Facebook). Depending on your level of experience, that might be worth joining so you can ask Jeremy directly for help – at least for the first month. And by the second month, you probably won’t mind paying that anyway!

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