It’s The Dragons, Sharks and Tigers That Make The Killings


The business-pitching program Dragon’s Den and it’s derivative program Shark Tank are hugely popular TV shows. (By the way – the original format came from Japan, where it was called Money Tigers, according to Wikipedia.)

For a long time, I used to relate to the people making the pitches: after all, if you don’t have much money, the way to make it is to start a business and, potentially, get people with money to invest in you.

Sure – in the long term, it might be nice to be an Investor, which is the Quadrant that Robert Kiyosaki recommend you get into if you want to create wealth and freedom. (The other quadrants are Employee, Self-Employed and Business Owner.) But that’s only an option when you have a good chunk of spare cash, like the Dragons, Sharks and Tigers.

Or is it?

There’s a business model that’s always been right under our noses as internet marketers that means we could almost instantly become Dragons, Sharks or Tigers – the ones who make the killings – on a very small budget.

It’s called    Website Investing 

Watch this final video by Jeff Hunt before his launch tomorrow of a unique course on how to become a Website Investor.

(You can also see the other two videos as well – just click the image below.)

Website Investing


See my previous post The Business Model That Gives Instant Income for  my analysis of who this business model is for.

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