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Kajabi Alternative Technologies – Conclusions


These are the tools referenced in my webinar (22 Oct 2010) about alternatives to Kajabi.

I will post a link to the recording of the webinar and the online mindmap over the coming week-end.

Front-End Tools

Optimize Press

Easy Video Player 2

Squeeze Page Generator

Product Launch WordPress Theme

Product Launch Creator

Membership Site Creation (On WP)

Digital Access Pass

Wishlist Member

Supporting Tools

WP Twin

Split-Tester Pro

Video Converter (Free)

Integrated Packages


Fusion HQ

4 thoughts on Kajabi Alternative Tools

  • Hey Dax Aurand here with Product Launch Creator, thanks for the mention in your video, I just wanted to clarify and say PLC is nothing like EVP2 or any of the other platforms listed here. It will stand out amongst these. If you would like a sneak peak message me on http://facebook.com/daxaurand.


    You missed one that is very much like Fusion HQ  but only costs $1 for 30 days and then only $20 or $30 something like that – for everything – Norman Freeman's BAAZARapps and there is no affiliate program so I am in no way profiting from telling you to take a good look at this one. 
    The other one everyone misses for some reason is goldbar  or golden1 - Marc Goldman who just came out with MakoPages  and last but not least - Jay Jennings and his www.instantvideowebpages.com/play/altitude  - I think you'll like this link-free video!  

  • Leah

    I know of those other tools.

    But I still claim there is nothing quite like FusionHQ – and that will be even MORE true when they deliver their next major feature. Doors still closed though!


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