Kajabi Alternatives Webinar

*** UPDATE: Read the conclusions of the Webinar, watch the recording, view the Mind Map and make your your comments….

Kajabi Alternative Technologies – Conclusions


Free Webinar About Kajabi Alternatives

Friday 22 October, 6:30 pm EDT

There has been a huge buzz surrounding Kajabi.

Many folk have jumped on the bandwagon and are now evaluating the product to see if it meets their needs and lives up to its promotion.

Many other products have been put forward as potential alternatives – but the question is: how well do they stack up?

Unfortunately, that's not an easy question to answer because usually you're not comparing like-with-like, so the comparison is not straightforward.

To help people understand the comparisons and options, I have created a mind map that

– summarizes the key special features of Kajabi
– lists a number of potential competitor tools
– maps the functionality of these tools onto the special features of Kajabi

The result is very interesting and shows that there are, indeed, a whole range of alternative options available.

Kajabi will still be the best option for some people, but for many, one of the alternatives is likely to be the best choice.

I will be going through my findings on this FREE webinar on Friday 22nd October at 7.30 EDT.

Register here.


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