Keyword-Based Domains: Finding Them Automatically

Over the next few weeks, I will be starting to follow / create business blueprints related to niche marketing and use that as the basis of a service to my customers.

This has made me even more alert than usual to tools which are going to support one or more of the steps within those blueprints.

One blueprint that I will be following recommends building sites which focus on a single-keyword, which in turn requires finding a domain that matches that keyword.

For that reason, I was delighted when Paul Clifford announced his DomainMatch PRO desktop tool.

I have done only a small amount of research, but I've not found anything that provides the same functionality as DomainMatch PRO, and I'd be very surprised if there was anything at all available at the current price of this product.

What I especially like about DomainMatch PRO is that it recognizes that finding a domain and a keyword is a highly iterative process. Do you start with keyword ideas and then look for available domains? Or do you look for available domains within a niche and then see how they relate to good keywords?

With DomainMatch PRO you can do it both ways.

I have the product and have played around with it – and within 10 minutes I found an available .net domain which exactly matched a keyword that had:

Global Monthly Searches: 4,400
Title Competition: 1570
Page Competition: 96,500

Remember the importance of exact-match domains: it significantly reduces the need for any other SEO work (sometimes, I am told, to zero) – so it's worth finding these micro-niches and exploiting them.

I was going to create a video showing DomainMatch PRO in action, but Paul has done such a good job with his own video, there's no point.

Go and watch it on his sales page.

If I'd played with it for longer, I expect I'd find a few niggles to complain about, but so far my only gripe is that the  "buy domain" feature takes you to Go Daddy. I'd like it to be configurable so it goes to NameCheap – but that's hardly going to slow me down!

If you are performing niche research with a similar blueprint, you will save a great deal of time using DomainMatch PRO.





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