LC2: My New Program Fixes TWO Problems With The IPMA

This is the second posting here about my new program (system + coaching).

The program I will be putting together will fix TWO problems with my 7-Stage Model in the Internet Professionals Master Agenda program – which underpins my mentoring program.


The model makes an implicit assumption that the world is reasonably ordered and linear: you decide on your starting point, and then you work your way through the Stages, in the given order, and you pop out at the end with an Operational Business.

Of course, that is an idealization which NEVER happens. Don’t get me wrong – the model is still VERY valuable, and it is still essential to know exactly which Stage you are currently in – even if you don’t go through the Stages linearly.


The stumbling block for so many people is choosing a business model and/or thinking they have already made a rational choice and are now in the operational stage.

Not everyone has these problems. Some people know exactly what business model to follow (sometimes after trying 2 or 3 models) – and they are prepared to put in the effort and the patience to make it work because it aligns with a particular passion of theirs.

But such people are the exception, not the norm.

Most people try something for a while, discover some problem with the model, or get stuck, or get bored, or lose faith in it … and go into limbo until something else catches their attention.

I’m sure you recognize this syndrome – we’ve all been there: and some of us have been there far too many times!

Up until now, all I’ve been able to do is recommend blueprints for specific business models which other people have created. And my Choosing Stage in the IPMA offers some guidance on choosing a business model. But to be honest, most people still jump on the most recent thing that caught their attention and sounded exciting. That is just the nature of human nature.

So – what I am doing now is:

– Recommending a default business model for people who are having a problem making a choice

– Providing an alternative, less “linear” path through the IPMA Stages

– Creating my own blueprint for that business model – using all the principles within the IPMA (that’s one reason it will be qualitatively very different from any other blueprint for any business model).
You can learn more in my webinar TONIGHT (5.30 EST on 19th December)
And yes – places on the program really ARE going to be limited – it may not be exactly 10, but if it’s more, it won’t be too many more.

And yes – there WILL be a replay of the webinar.

And yes – if there is a big demand for program places during the webinar, I WILL hold back a few places for people watching the replay.





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