Pinterest Traffic Increases 4,000% in 6 months

The first mention of Pinterest hit my inbox in November of last year, so I think I've done very well to ignore it for over 4 months!

I know I'm fully exploiting neither Facebook nor Twitter; neither YouTube nor GooglePlus; neither LinkedIN nor….  so why would I want to bother with yet another social media site?

To be honest, I don't have a clear answer to that, but I decided that I DO need to learn what all the fuss is about, so I started digging around a bit, and here are my very preliminary findings:

Traffic to Pinterest has increased 4,000% in the last six months

Pinterest is now the fourth most popular social media site (after Facebook, YouTube and Twitter)

It's Alexa Rankings have shot up recently…

Feb 15th           167

Feb 28th            78

Mar 7th              64

Apr 3rd (today)  53

Almost 0.2% of all global pageviews are on Pinterest


Pinterest hit 10 million monthly unique visitors faster than any other website, drawing comparisons to Facebook.

Major retailers are already heavily exploiting Pinterest to drive sales and social interest.

"Thanks to online pinboard Pinterest’s fast growth, many retail sites are placing “Pin It” buttons next to items for sale as a sharing mechanism. Flash sales giant Gilt is taking the whole Pinning trend to another level by allow users to access special deals on pinned items."

(Sources:, Content And Motion Blog , TechCrunch , The Street )


All the stats are pretty interesting, but that last item about Gilt Kids leveraging Pinterest made me take serious note.

A flurry of guides about how to use Pinterest have come out recently – all of which passed me by. But I succumbed today, and have just started working my way through Pinterest Traffic Blueprint. It caught my eye because Peter Garety is part of the team that created it, and I like the way Peter structures his training material. And anyway, at this stage I don't want to pay more than $10 to learn the basics as quickly as possible.

Here a little snippet of a case study that I've just learned about from that course: a Pin Board about balloons (yep, balloons) has getting on for half a million (470,000+) followers. That, again, got my serious attention.

As is the way with new social media sites, a few hours research can turn anyone into an expert(!) – so here are my instant-expert opinions.

When putting together a traffic strategy – you DO now have to consider Pinterest.

If you are promoting physical items, even more so.

Somehow, you need to integrate all your social media strategies (anyone got a good guide for that?)

You're going to need to have something of a creative frame of mind to use Pinterest fully. If you want to promote physical objects, you're already at an advantage.

Thinking about my own niche within IM, there's a limit to how many pictures of mind maps I can put up whilst retaining an element of novelty. I'm not saying it's not possible to leverage Pinterest for electronic products or for services – but you'll need to be creative and imaginative about it.

So don't expect to rely on step-by-step guides! (But Pinterest Traffic Blueprint is a good way to get up to speed quickly – going well beyond simple instructions on how to set up an account.)


3 thoughts on Pinterest Traffic Increases 4,000% in 6 months

  • Hi Alex,
    I agree that Pinterest cannot be ignored. It is huge, and growing by the nanasecond. It is exceptionally easy to use. And the chances of going viral are realistic.
    I am currently gathering all the intel I can, so this message comes at a great time.
    I'll see you on Pinterest!
    Best wishes,

  • Alex
    Pinterest is HUGE!  also it a great way to drive traffic if you know what you doing, Peter Garety & Lisa Allen's Pinterest Traffic Blueprint is awesome, and it offering so much needed insight on the this subject of driving traffic with Pinterest.
    I have seen some traffic spikes as I've been testing some of these techniques with my pins and repins.
    Pin an image or something that's trending socially like Health Care Reform and watch your traffic spike!

  • Pinterest is an interesting phenomenon.  I think it points out the fact that we live in such a visual world where how you present your message is the thing that matters most.

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