Push Connect Notify Review – An Engagement Gamechanger with 10 Bonuses

Push Connect Notify

Watch my Push Connect Notify review video below, then read my comments and check out the bonuses.

As I mentioned below, I believe this tool should be part of the tools infrastructure of any serious internet marketer.


Push Connect Notify (PCN) was developed by Jimmy Kim, the developer of Sendland, an autoresponder tool which he built because he was dissatisfied with the tools currently on the market.

Jimmy has a substantial IM business, and when a launches a product, it is because he needs to use it himself in his business. This is in contrast to developers whose business is primarily developing products to launch on JV Zoo.

What this means is that, his products are

a) Tailored to the specific needs of internet marketers

b) Likely to be around for many years

c) Likely to be enhanced over time and

d) Fully supported

The product is a web-based service that allows you to create and operate push-notifications to visitors to your website.

Although there are other tools that provide a similar service, Jimmy’s tool has some unique features that make it an obvious choice for marketers.

As well having unique features, there are no limitation in usage of PCN. Specifically, this means

  • unlimited websites (owned by you)
  • unlimited notification campaigns and
  • unlimited messages

…. all for a single, low, once-off fee of $39 (for the launch period at least).

How it works

Access to Push Connect Notify is via a website.

You create campaigns associated with websites, and they are operated by adding a single piece of code to each page for which you want to trigger the campaign.

There is a WordPress plugin and a Shopify extension provided to make it easy to integrate those sites with PCN. Other sites require the code to be added manually.

A campaign causes a popup to appear on the site inviting the visitor to subscribe to “notifications”. If they agree, they are added to a “notification list”.

One of the unique features of Push Connect Notify is that, optionally, you can request a visitor to enter their email address, so you can ALSO add them to an autoresponder list.

Once someone is on a notification list, you can send them messages which appear as popups on their desktop or mobile device (depending on where they signed up). When a user clicks on a popup, they get redirected to a page of your choice.

Sending a push notification message is analogous to sending a broadcast to an email list.

Keeping the same analogy, you can also send a series of timed notifications, equivalent to an email follow-up sequence. You can send several on the first day, and then one per day for up to 14 days.

This features is available in the PRO version only.

Bear in mind that the notifications appears on the desktop – so the user’s browser does not need to be open for them to receive the notification.


The first upsell is for the PRO version of Push Connect Notify and costs $97.

The PRO version provides two additional features:

  1. The ability to schedule notifications, as described above, and
  2. The ability to segment notification lists

Segmentation of lists can done based on the browser used by the visitor when they signed up for notifications, and whether it was on a mobile or desktop device.

Segmentation can be used to refine who a notification is sent to. For example, you could send one notification to mobile-only devices, and another to desktop only.

Or if you are promoting a Chrome extension, you could send the notification to only Chrome users.

The second upsell is a developers’ licence, and costs $98.

This allows you to add notification to sites that do not belong to you – and by inference, this means you could charge for this services.

A site that already has reasonably traffic could see a substantial improvement in the engagement of it’s visitors – see the Push Connect Notify sales page for some impressive case study statistics. This would be a very valuable service to a site owner, and worth a non-trivial monthly fee.

The work involved in providing such a service would be minimal and probably could be outsourced.

Summary and assessment of Push Connect Notify

Push notifications are growing in popularity, and still have a novelty element to them. And yet the stats from the case studies provide hard evidence that this is much more than a novelty.

This means that now is the best time to start using this technology in earnest: users are not too surprised by it, and not yet too annoyed by it.

I haven’t performed a detailed review of the notifications marketplace, but from what I understand, Jimmy’s system is unique in many respects, and provides more features and flexibility than other systems I looked at.

And his current pricing in incomparable.

Future developments

I’m not familiar enough with the underlying technology to know how far this can be enhanced, but there is one limitation that, hopefully, will be removed soon.

Currently, PCN does not operate on iOS. As I understand it, that is because of restrictions within iOS in the way PCN works. Other notification systems DO work on iOS, so this is a limitation to bear in mind.

But Jimmy built Push Connect Notify for use in his own business, as well as to sell as a service, so I would strongly expect enhancements and new features to be added over time, as allowed by the systems it has to integrate with.

I recommend this as part of the core infrastructure for any internet marketer.


These bonuses will be automatically delivered via the members area.

Here they are:

BONUS #1: Social Boost

Turn even the most plain-jane and boring wordpress blog into a social powerhouse!

The simple & fast way to increase social conversions on your WordPress website.


BONUS #2: WP Optin Lock

Unlock any piece of content after a user opts into your email list. Now you can instantly deliver the download link, video or any piece of content you want to show and have your thank you be a popup. They will be 10x happier about staying on your list as you delivered INSTANT value.


BONUS #3: Sales Graphics Pro

The all-in-one graphic creation system that allows you to easily create web buttons, testimonial blocks, sales boxes, and video email optins widgets.


BONUS #4: Instant Mobile Site

Easy to use tools that let you create mobile sites instantly and customize them to your liking. Simple one page websites that look great on mobile. Build them for your clients, your personal sites, and wordpress as well.


BONUS #5: Optin Fire X

Micro Commitments to increase your optin rates by 150% or more. The landing page that can fit anywhere and converts like crazy. Ask question -> Get lead info -> Massive profits.


BONUS #6: Buzz Machine

Use the power of viral meme creators to grow your list like wildfire! BuzzMachine enables your niche to go crazy and really bring attention to your product by creating hilarious meme photos…


BONUS #7: eCover Creator

If you don’t have a custom cover design from a designer, or you want to get a cover design done really fast you can with the built-in software. In a few clicks you will be able to create a professional cover designs.


BONUS #8: WP Question Optin

Increase conversion rate on your WordPress optin forms by asking your users a question and then asking them to opt in. Create email opt-in questionnaire pages in WordPress in seconds


BONUS #9: FB Fanpage Pro 2.0

With FanPagePro2.0 you can create simple and effective squeeze pages and landing pages for your fanpages and send traffic to those pages from right INSIDE of facebook.


BONUS #10: WP Like Pop

Use One Fun-to-Use Plugin To Increase Your Social Like / Follow Conversions
with All The Most Popular Social Networks


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