Serps Keyword Rank Checker – A Free Tool

Serps Keyword Rank Checker

There are some excellent free keyword research tools available. This post is about a tool that helps you research which sites are ranking at the top of the results for specific keywords: the Serps Keyword Rank Checker.

My Video Demonstration

Watch this demonstration of me using the tool.

Apart from seeing the tool in action, watch to the end to see how you can use the CSV output to spot potentially valuable tactics that you could use.

And note that you can download the results for search on multiple keywords – all into the same SCV file.

Why not just use Google?

Obviously, you can do this just by performing a search in Google and seeing what comes up – but there are a few problems with this:

  1. You have to take care not to influence the results by being logged in to your Google account or to Chrome, say
  2. You may not be in the same country for which you want to check the results
  3. If you are looking for a specific site that isn’t highly placed, you’ll have to page through the results, checking them all
  4. You don’t have a record of the results

How I found this useful

I used this keyword rank checker recently to investigate which sites were getting ranked for the product names of recent launched in the internet marketing niche.

I could see who was consistently ranking in the top 100 with their main review sites, and I also noticed where some people were getting backlinks placed, and adding reviews in places such as and Craigslist, for example.

Interestingly, not many YouTube videos were getting ranked, and the ranking didn’t correlate to the number of video views: clearly that is overwhelmingly dependent on the number of subscribers and/or the site of the authors mailing list.

As always – list size trumps almost everything else!

Keyword Rank Checker

The tool I used is here.

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