Spy Stream Review – Affordable Heatmaps and Much More

Spy Stream

Watch my video review of Spy Stream, then read my comments and check out the bonuses below.


This is a review of Spy Stream by Ben Murray.

It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to use heatmap technology – and a lot more besides on your WordPress sites – and those of your clients if you get the unlimited license.

Ben is charging a single, low fee, which is around 20% of the monthly fee you could be charged for an online service for a SINGLE site.

Here’s the pricing page for a heatmap service provider:

 Heatme pricing

How it works

Installation and set up is very easy – you just install the plugin and go through a set of configuration options. The default settings are probably fine for 90% of people.

The software then begins to gather information as new visitors come to your site, and you can then see:

  • The landing page for each visitor
  • For how long they stayed on the site
  • The number of pages they visited
  • How they interacted with the page – you can see a replay of their scrolling and mouse movements
  • Where they clicked the mouse

… and more.


Upsells / One-Time Offers


Spy Stream PRO: $37 (may increase)

This provides additional information about each visitor, including the search term used, their device and browser, and more.

You also get developer AND resell rights to the PRO version.

If you plan on reselling the product, it’s probably worth upgrading so that you’re not selling a product that’s inferior to what other resellers are offering.


Spy University: $47 -> $97

Comprehensive training on copywriting, autoresponders and more, including some interesting additional bonuses.

No particular recommendation here – it depends on your level of expertise.

OTO 3:

Leverage Authority: $27 -> ?

Training on how to get partners to sell your products.

No particular recommendation – depends on your needs.

OTO 4: 

White label rights to Spy Stream: $97 (50 licences)  $127 (unlimited)

The ability to resell AND rebrand the software AS YOUR OWN.

If you need to get your own product, this IS a good deal!

Summary of Spy Stream

This gets a strong recommendation from me.

A) It’s something you should add to each WP site you create

B) You can resell it

C) Potentially, you can create YOUR OWN product from the white-label rights.


These bonuses will be automatically delivered via the members area.

There is a HUGE number of bonuses available – include 12 white-label products!

You can see them towards the bottom of this bonus page:



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