The Best Traffic Generation Systems Are Useless…

The best traffic generation systems are completely useless if you don't have a business system in place in which to use them.

That's an obvious statement.

However… although no-one would buy a top-end fuel-injection system without owning a car… people DO buy traffic generation systems without having an IM business system in place.

Or they buy a super-smart Facebook plugin for improving conversions.

Or some MRR/PLR content.

…and so on and so on.

Very often, they buy them though WSOs – which have risen and risen in popularity throughout 2011 and have provided many people with some exceptionally good products at amazingly low prices. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of those people benefited from those products.


Those people who are clear and focused enough about the business system they have in place, or which they are building, to:

1) Know WHICH products they need,

2) Understand HOW the products which they bought fitted into their overall business systems, and

3) Follow through and actually USE those products to improve their business.

As a marketer in the IM niche, I promoted a lot of products as an affiliate – both WSOs and others – and I will continue to do so in 2012. It's an integral part of my business which SHOULD benefit both me and my subscribers/customers.

BUT for me, it's been a frustrating experience because I know that not enough of my subscribers/customers are benefiting fully from these promotions. Sometimes they don't buy a product because they don't realize how well it fits their needs; and conversely, they do buy something which isn't right for them at that time.

These bad buying decisions come from not being 100% clear and focused about the business system they are following – what they are trying to achieve, how they are trying to achieve it – and even more seriously, thinking they actually have a business system in place when they don't!

Don't get me wrong here: I'm not saying my subscribers and customers are any different from anyone else's – nor that none of them has a profitable business. What I am describing is the general state of 95% of people who are trying to make money online.

So I'm going to do something about it in 2012.

I'm launching my Business Transformation Intensive 2012 (BTI-2012) in the middle of January.

What most marketers do when they try to tackle this problem is develop a highly detailed "business blueprint" that takes the complete beginner step-by-step through the process of setting up a money-making-system. And to differentiate themselves from past attempts at solving the problem, they aim to provide "even more details" supported by more and more video guidance.

But that is NOT my approach, because it doesn't work. At least, not on its own.

The problem of helping the newcomer to be successful online has many dimensions, and all of them need to be covered – which is what I am attempting to do.

So the Business Transformation Intensive 2012 is going to be like nothing you've seen before!

FIRST: I will include parts of the Internet Professionals Master Agenda Program (the IPMA – which came out of my mentoring program). Although only parts of the IPMA are relevant to the Business Transformation Intensive, members of the BTI-2012 program will get access to ALL the IPMA material, which consists of 33 hours of webinars, 22 online mind maps and 26 templates and other supporting material.

SECOND: I will provide very detailed guidance on techniques for personal organization that are critical to success. Here I'm not specifically talking about my IMI Organizer product (although obviously I will be referring to that), but about organizing and managing ToDo lists and tasks – based on the phenomenally successful Getting Things Done from Dave Allen, along with an online tool to support GTD.

THIRD: I will break from my position of not recommending a business model, and I will recommend (and provide guidance on) TWO synergistic business models (available at low cost from third parties). These are very specifically aimed at newcomers to making money online. I will provide project plans and support to help people implement these (see below).

FOURTH: I will provide the option of VERY intensive accountability. The people who take this up (and only limited positions will be available), will stand the best chance of converting those personal organizational techniques into enduring habits. Anyone who manages to develop these habits very significantly increases the chances of success in any area of life.

FIFTH: I will work through the recommended business models myself and let you "watch over my shoulder" via video as I share my learning experiences, successes, failures and approach to solving problems. I will also share any materials I create that could be useful to others, such a development plans, spreadsheets, processes, templates etc.

SIXTH: I will provide technical support to people following those business models, since I know that for some people who are new to IM, relatively simple technical steps can sometimes turn into major hurdles that could easily be overcome by a little guidance at the right time.

This will NOT be a day-by-day program where everyone is expected to go through the same tasks each day. That approach is fine for schoolchildren who aren't in charge of their own timetable, but is completely inappropriate for a collection of mature adults who need to be self-directed, who need to master the skill of personal organization, planning and time management – and who all have very different levels of skill and time availability.

If you would like to get early-bird notifications about the launch of this unique and potentially transformational program, please register below.

People on this list will get the first refusal on the limited number of discounted places (but please note that I have not yet fixed the pricing of this program).


One last point about the name of the program. Each word is important…

Business – this is not for those interested in internet marketing as a hobby

Transformation – the aim of this program is to make a BIG difference (mainly to change YOU), not just to tinker at the edges

Intensive – that's the nature of the program, and the nature of the effort you should expect of yourself

2012  – the program lasts only a few weeks, but it's impact will develop and grow throughout the whole year… and beyond.


Alex Goodall


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8 thoughts on The Best Traffic Generation Systems Are Useless...

  • Hey Alex,
    Looking forward to what you have under your sleeve with this program.
    I believe I'm already on your list, since that's how I got here on the first place LOL
    Take care and looking forward to speak soon!

  • Sergio

    You are on a list of mine, but I am creating a separate list of people who are specifically interested in this program. People who have expressed a definite interest by subscribing to that list will get the first option to join the program at a discounted rate.


  • Kathy Robinson (the Facebook comments section) asks pretty much the same question that I have.  Also, I'm severely time-challenged, having a job that takes most of the 24 hour period (after taking out 8 hours for sleep), so is there any point in this for me?

  • Mike – if you are able to allocate SOME time to internet marketing, then this is certainly an option. I know you know this – but in your case, you will need to focus heavily on outsourcing. However, I don’t believe it’s possible to outsource effectively unless you are familiar with the tasks themselves. So in your case, once you’re familiar with the tasks, you don’t just rinse-and-repeat, but you document-and-refine so you can move to outsourcing ASAP. (Actually, I recommend everyone documents the processes anyway, whether or not they plan on using outsources in the near term). In your case, because of the time limitations, it’s not going to be till you can get the outsourcing going that you can expect to start earning significantly – unless you happen to get lucky.

    I will use outsourcing myself once I get the basic processes documented, so you’ll be able to see how I do it.


  • Is this going to be all out content ,and not come with half a dozen bonuses.I think a lot of programs out there give away bonuses to get you confused ,and overloaded.

  • Bob

    Don’t forget – you can always ignore the bonuses (and very often you SHOULD!). But I won’t be adding anything extra that isn’t core to your needs. The nature of this is to get people 100% focused and unconfused!

  • Now there’s a comment from which we can all learn. We can learn what can happen when automated commenting bots are let loose. But on this occasion, the hapless webmaster actually got a backlink.

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