The Business Model That Gives Instant Income

In the previous blog post, I pointed out that the most important criterion to use when deciding on a business model is it’s likelihood of success. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that buying a business that is already making money is probably the business model with the highest probability of success.

And in terms of online businesses – that means buying an existing website- or more generally, website investment.

These obvious, but rarely-discussed, facts were pointed out in the first of a three-part short video series by Jeff Hunt.

The second video is now available, where Jeff points out other benefits of the website investment business model – such as

  • You get an almost instant income stream – the income from any site you buy is yours from Day 1
  • You don’t need dozens of skills and years of experience to get going (although, over time, you WILL need to master the core online marketing skills, or pay for them)

Click the image below to watch the second video.

Benefits of The Business Model That Gives Instant Income



Although Jeff tries to make the case for this business model being suitable for anyone  – including people with zero internet marketing experience – I think that’s not quite right.

Personally, I think this is an excellent business model for someone who already knows their way around internet marketing, has at least a reasonable amount of practical experience, and now wants to get serious.

The reasons for that are that once you have a site that is making you money:

  • You’ll be able to apply the skills and experience you already have to improve it and increase your income
  • You are less likely to get distracted by enticements to switch to other business models
  • You are much better able to make a judgement about whether or not some shiny new object is relevant to you (not all shiny objects are bad)
  • You’ll be able to create a 3-6 month budget for your business where there are non-zero figures under “Income”!

Jeff will be providing one more video tomorrow (1st June 2015) and then he’ll launch his training program on Website Investing.

I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to get underway.


Alex Goodall


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