The Consummate Professional: From Tennis To Internet Marketing

Novak Djokovic has finally won the men's final at Wimbledon. This was a dream come true for him.

Novak Djokovic

He had a vision of winning Wimbledon, and he focused and dedicated his life to that vision: with single-mindedness, he reached the highest levels of tennis. And yet, his coach and his advisers knew that to win Wimbledon, and to be ranked #1 (even with that win, he hasn't quite reached #1 yet) more was needed. Specifically: his stamina was not good enough; he had problems with his diet; his serve was not at all as strong as it needed to be.

So he worked extra hard on those issues, with the result that all three improved. And today, when it counted, he was invincible against the normally invincible Nadal. (True, Djokovic had won his last four games against Nadal, but none of those had been in a Grand Slam – one of the four major tennis tournaments.)

Djokovic reached his goal by being a consummate professional. And what does that mean? It means he had a vision, he created a strategy and a plan, he followed the plan, he learned and adjusted on the way, and he got the result he wanted.

What didn't he do?

He didn't look for shortcuts: he knew there was no substitute for doing the work. For learning what needed to be learned. For gradually getting better and better.

He didn't get distracted. Tennis. Nothing else. He focused on one thing, and worked till he was exceptional at it.

He didn't give up after losing. He knew that he would lose to begin with, but the only way to win was to keep playing against the best, and to keep losing, learning and improving.

In a tennis tournament there can only be one winner. In this post, I have talked about Djokovic being a professional because he was the winner. But Nadal, Murray, Federer and Soderling; and Wozniacki, Clijsters, Zvonareva, Li, Azarenka – and hundreds of other players MUST be consummate professionals simply to have reached those levels of excellence.


And what has this to do with Internet Marketing?

I think you know already!

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Why do you think internet marketing is different from any other profession?

Why do you think you can ignore the need for professionalism?

Realise that how things ARE is not always how you WISH them to be.

Change your mindset.

Think like Djokovic and all the other top players, and get inspired by their excellence – achieved through professionalism.



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