The IM Success Formula?

Back in the mists of my online career, I remember suddenly getting an “Ah ha! moment when it dawned on me that, in essence, online marketing can be summed up by by the “IM Success Formula”:

Traffic + Conversions =  $$$ Profit $$$

I also heard, repeatedly, (and still do), that:

The Money Is In The List

Both of these make sense, but – like physicists looking for a Unified Theory that integrates both quantum mechanics and general relativity – we online marketers need a Unified IM Success Formula.

Tomorrow, I’ll be announcing (to my subscribers only for now) a new training course based on the IM Success Formula

Traffic + ?????? =  $$$ Profit $$$

which, in my view is the “Unified” success formula!

The course will cover the ?????? in that formula.

I’ll talk about this more in a later post.

If you’ve arrived at this page and you’re NOT on my list, just get the Free IM Organizer (see the home page).

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