The Internet Marketing Agenda Stealers

In my experience, the biggest single cause of lack of success in internet marketing is having your agenda hijacked.

Unless you are one of the very, very rare exceptions, you will have experienced that often.

Here is a video I created that explains how it happens, and, in outline, what you can do about it.

This importance of having, and sticking to, your own agenda – and the great difficulty many people have in doing it – is the reason I developed the 7-Stage Internet Professionals Master Agenda.

I'll say more about that in a future post, but what is your experience? Do YOU think this is the most important issue for most internet marketers? Is it for you?

How many times has YOUR agenda been hijacked this month?

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4 thoughts on The Internet Marketing Agenda Stealers

  • Hi Alex,
    I must say I got into this trap very often…
    I thank you helping me stick better to my agenda through your helpful mentoring program!
    Wish you a nice day !
    Sophie, aka NetDame

  • Thanks, Gianfranco. Thanks Sophie.

    It's all too common, and I used to be blown like the wind, just like everybody else.

    But not now!


  • Great observations!  I am already in the trap and have done everything as you have covered, particularly, at 83 I have looked for the 'Holy Grail' and there really isn't one!
    Today I have been reorganizing myself and finally going to post my various endeavors into your IM-Index program to get a good grasp on what's good and what's not.
    Time to buckle down and do something I should have been doing – using my engineering & research background.

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