The “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Route To Online Wealth

Many people have read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

But remarkably few Internet marketers who have read that book seem to take the principles on board in their business – me included.

The vision that Kiyosaki presents us with for achieving true wealth is to have income streams generated from investments. Typically this would be property investments, which is a path many people have followed.

But that path requires a significant upfront investment or a willingness to take on a large debt.

So might it be easier in the online world, investing in web properties? Certainly, the potential returns are much higher – I’ve read that 20-40% pa is not unreasonable.

But for most people, the investment needed to create a reasonable ongoing income is still far too high. And it is NOT an area you should enter without expert guidance.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Chris Yates, who spends all his time in the web properties market, has a solution to BOTH issues.

His membership site, which he runs with a partner, covers all aspects and buying and selling websites, and you can join his training program for several hundred dollars. But that’s not what this is about.

In the current climate, Chris is proposing that one specific route through one of his four training programs is the optimal approach. And note this… he will provide – AT NO CHARGE – one-on-one help to the people that prove their commitment to this. All you pay is the very low cost of his WSO.

He’s clearly not in this to make an income from the WSO. But neither is he doing it as a charitable venture. Instead he’s found a way for everyone to benefit from this. What YOU get is:
1) Potentially very large “paydays”
2) Detailed insight into how this business works
3) A start on the path to Kiyosaki-style independent wealth

Of course, you don’t need goals of massive wealth to be involved in this. But if you DO have such goals, this business model can easily cope.

What I learned in the first hour has opened my eyes and re-ignited the excitement I felt when I first read Kiyosaki’s book.

Even if you decide it’s not right for you – go and find out more. You should only turn this down after you are sure you fully understand what it is you ARE turning down.

If you sometimes feel like ditching all the IM ‘stuff’ such as squeeze pages, plr, plugins, templates, mailing lists, WSOs, traffic, monetization, backlinks, Google slaps, social marketing, mobile marketing, offline consulting, Kindle publishing, Facebook pages, html, css, php, java, cPanel etc. etc. … then take a good look at this.

Get On The Path To Kiyosaki-Style Online Wealth


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