This Post Will Tell You Whether You’ll Achieve Online Success

Warning: what you are about to read will tell you whether or not you’re likely to achieve online success.

Read through to the end, and then take the test.

I have been promoting a “mass coaching” program which is running this year for the third time.

One of the tasks that members have to do is create a YouTube account, create a video and post it. If you search for the name of this program, you can find a large number of YouTube accounts with a single video referencing this program, usually with a link to the owner’s blog.

And if you visit those blogs, most of them have almost no content, and for quite a percentage of them, the domain no longer exists.

What conclusions can you draw from those facts? Possibly you would conclude that:

  1. The program has a low success rate.
  2. The quality of the program is poor.
  3. My integrity is questionable since I have been promoting it.

You won’t be surprised when I tell you that I agree with the first conclusion, but not the other two. But why would I promote a program with a low success rate?

The fact is that your success in any endeavour depends on:

  • The strength of your determination / desire
  • The amount you “invest” (time, money, emotional energy)
  • The strength and quality of the support available to you

If your endeavour is based on training, then the quality of the training itself also plays a role – but actually, quite a minor role.

The program I am promoting is as good as any, and better than most – and it’s success rate is probably know worse than any other.

You Do What You Pay For

It’s true that you GET what you pay for – but it’s also true that you DO what you pay for. Meaning, if you pay $20 for some advice, you’re much less likely to follow that advice than if you’d paid $2,000.

The coaching program I’m talking about costs under $20: so right away the money investment is tiny – and that fact alone will account for a very large proportion of the drop-out rate.

To emphasize this point: one of my bonuses is membership of a very select Skype group where I can provide individual support. This is a hugely valuable bonus – but being a bonus means it’s free. And guess what? A significant number of people who are eligible for my bonuses have not bothered taking them up.

But when a similar Skype Group was part of a $497 program that I ran some years ago, 100% of the people joined in and participated.

One In A Hundred

The net result of this is that, if you want to succeed in any endeavour, you need to do (and be) what it takes to separate yourself from 99 other people who are on the same path as you.

The following statistics are not based on a scientific study, but I’ll bet they are not far from the truth in most circumstances…

  • Of 100 people who “commit” to implementing a business system, 30 will take no action.
  • Of the 70 who take some action, 30 will soon be distracted by life / circumstances / shinier objects
  • Of the 40 who take significant action, 30 will hit roadblocks (technical, emotional, psychological) that cause them to give up.
  • Of the 10 who overcome the roadblocks, 9 will be unwilling to CONTINUE taking action and overcoming roadblocks long enough to achieve SIGNIFICANT success.

Only ONE person will make it through.

Think about how that makes you feel for a moment….


Do let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

If you’re not on my my mailing list and want to know what the program is that I’m talking about, ask me (although it may no longer be open to new members).

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