Topics For Future Group Sessions

I am planning the next six months or so of the Group Sessions for my Internet Professionals Mentoring Program.

I presented my ideas at the Group Session on 17th June and received some feedback from those attending the session.

I agreed to summarise the plans and ask for comments on priorities. Below is a description of the topics/topic areas I intend to cover. If you are a mentee and have a preference, please indicate which topics would be of most relevance to you over the next THREE MONTHS.

You can either email me at the usual address, or leave a comment below.

Bear in mind that, in many cases, you will get not just the webinar recording, but also:

  • Access to the supporting mind map
  • Access to templates, examples etc.


There are two main categories of topic:

  • Those relating directly to the Master Agenda: these will primarily be of interest to people who have yet to settle on their business model (i.e. have not yet completed the Choosing & Defining Stage)
  • Additional topics: these will primarily be of interest to people in the Operating Stage

Topics relating directly to the Master Agenda


Webinar: Review Of Master Agenda

This will be the beginning of a complete review of much of the Master Agenda.

I will introduce the idea of checkpoints to make it clearer when a particular Stage has been completed. I will also introduce a way of  documenting your path through the Stages.

Reviews of additional Stages will build on this idea.


Review of Asserting Stage

This will be a series of webinars going into more detail about the specific sub areas of Asserting.

In each case, I will include examples, templates and checklists.

The subtopics will be:

Webinar: E-Mail Management
Webinar: Purchase Management
– Webinar: Time Management


Webinar: Review of Visioning Stage

This webinar will provide a more systematic approach to creating a Vision. Again, I will include examples and templates.


Webinar: Review of Choosing

This webinar will focus purely on the Choosing part of the Choosing and Defining Stage. I will introduce examples, options, templates  and documentation.


Webinar: Review of Defining

This webinar will focus purely on the Defining part of the Choosing and Defining Stage. This is where you start getting more definite about how your Business Model will fulfil your Vision. If you were to create a proper Business Plan for an investor, this would be the beginnings of it.

Again, I will introduce examples and templates.


Frameworks to Support Choosing

The Choosing stage is often the most difficult for many people.

One way this might become easier is by having a deeper understanding of the various business 'models'.

I have already created a Niche Marketing Framework to better explain the various options and approaches to niche marketing. Other such Frameworks could include:

– Webinar: Product Development Framework
– Webinar: Affiliate Marketing Framework
– Webinar: Adsense Framework
– Webinar: Adwords Framework

– etc.

In each case, I will go through and explain the Framework during the webinar.

Webinar(s): Review of Planning

This will be a series of webinars where I go through the planning process that I have already defined using a simple example all  the way through.


Topics Relating to Additional Content

These topics are primarily of interest to people when they have reached the Operating Stage.

I have divided these into four categories.


Business Processes

– Webinar: Continuity Managament/Disaster Recovery

This webinar will cover what you need to do to try and make sure your business is unaffected by "disasters", and how to recover from disasters  in the worst-case scenarios. Obvious examples include: loss of data, loss of equipment, loss of communications and loss of personnel.

– Webinar: Link Management: Click tracking tools & Google Analytics

Links are the pathways along which everything related to your websites flows. This webinar will describe a strategy for keeping track of  links which you use for measuring the performance of your business. In particular, it provides you with conventions for how to use the various parts of Google Analytics tracking URLs in social media, in PDF's, in e-mails etc.

I will also provide a spreadsheet for recording the tracking URLs that you create, and for automatically creating the Google URLs. (If you've tried to create and use these URLs, you'll understand how valuable this is.)

Webinar: Documenting Operational Processes

In various webinars I have spoken about the importance of documenting your Operational Processes. This webinar will provide you with a strategy for identifying processes, templates for documenting them and ways to decide on the amount of time and effort to devote to this activity.

Webinar: Record Keeping – specific templates

This webinar will build on the previous webinar about Record Keeping by providing and demonstrating a number of key record keeping templates.

Webinar: Performance Tracking

In various places I have referred to the idea of Key Performance Indicators. This webinar will explain this idea in more detail and give examples of how to derive KPIs in order to monitor your business performance. It will also suggest an approach to how and when to perform the monitoring. Once your business is in the Operating Stage, to a very significant degree your short and medium term agendas should be defined by the sort of performance tracking which I will cover here.

Webinar: Outsourcing/Out-tasking

We already have an excellent 90-minutes webinar by Howard Tiano (aka "The OutSourcerer") on outsourcing. I will make some of this content available in our standard mind map format and present a related webinar.



These will be frameworks around specific Internet marketing topics, as opposed to Internet marketing Business Models. They will be used to help during the Planning Stage, as opposed to the Choosing Stage. They will also contribute to Understanding/Learning.

In each case, I will create the Framework (in the form of a mind map) and go through it during the webinar.

Examples could be:

•   Webinar: Traffic Generation Framework
Webinar: Traffic Conversion Framework
Webinar: Monetization Framework


Webinars on Tools

We could have a series of webinars covering specific tools which are widely used. Some examples that have been mentioned include GoTryThis, Delavo and the IMI Organizer.

In many cases such webinars will probably be better hosted under my Internet Professionals Webinars business activity, even though there would more likely be an element of selling involved.

However,  there may be particular cases where it is more appropriate to include such webinars only within the mentoring program.

Personal Development

Although this is not core to the Mentoring Program, I think it is important to include a Personal Development strand to some degree. We already have Action Inquiry as a particular approach to it.

– Webinar(s): Practices from Action Inquiry to improve awareness, learning and dialogue


During the first six months of this Program, I have tended to present topics at quite a high level to enable me to get through a lot of material. For the coming period – especially for those topics where I re-visit the Master Agenda – I will focus more on providing guidance for applying the ideas.

This could mean that it takes me more time to prepare some events – so sometimes I may need to skip a week.

Also, some topics could require more than one webinar – so the above program could take us into 2011.


To repeat:  if you are a mentee PLEASE tell me which of the webinars (in red) are of most importance to you during July – September 2010: leave a comment below or email me.





2 thoughts on Topics For Future Group Sessions

  • Hi Alex,
    Pretty comprehensive agenda! Looks great!
    I tend to be interested in the following:
    •   Webinar: Traffic Generation Framework
    Webinar: Traffic Conversion Framework
    Webinar: Monetization Framework
    Webinar: Continuity Managament/Disaster Recovery
    Webinar: Performance Tracking
    Howard (btw, it's OutSourcerer, not OutSourcers)  🙂

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