Traffic Blueprints Package – Coming Soon!

I've just sat through ALL the traffic blueprints I mentioned the other day (again!) because I wanted to provide useful notes to accompany the videos when I put them on sale shortly.
I have to say, they re-ignited my enthusiasm for the whole package again! 
(In case you have no idea what I'm talking about – this is a package of 7 or 8 traffic blueprints that I'll be putting on sale shortly which are… how can I put it … non-ordinary!)
I also spoke to a friend today who bought the original product last year, and he was telling me how great he thought it was – so it's not just me!
I'm now working on the sales page, but I couldn't resist sharing some of the bullet points for two of the seven blueprints you'll soon be able to access:
Blueprint # 1: The Underground Adwords Blueprint
("Adwords Without The Agony")
 … Thousands of Clicks for $0.01 each from a technique which the average marketer dismisses out-of-hand.
  • Why you need to simply FORGET everything you've learned about Adwords.

  • Why Adwords should be your best Money-Making Friend instead of a fearful Money-Draining Enemy.

  • How you can simply turn your back on bidding wars.

  • Why the massive payouts come from NOT pussy-footing around! Why you need think BIG!

  • Where to find the tools and resources to create HUGE campaigns – and how you TOTALLY control your risks.

  • Where to get proven, converting ad templates – FREE!

  • The step-by-step method to get THOUSANDS of clicks for $0.01 each.

and also this…


Blueprint # 2: The 8 Million Visitor Blueprint 

… MASSIVE traffic – for FREE!

  • The smart marketer's method of finding a HUGE and constantly refreshed audience for a niche – without promoting that niche!

  • The power of using "demographic research" (don't worry – it's very easy to do) to sneak up on your prospects, get rapport, get their attention – and then sell them!

  • How to re-define your audience to generate MASSIVE numbers of visitors to your site by exploiting Google's love-affair with NEWS.

  • How to create a HUGELY valuable asset that can earn you a VERY comfortable regular income, or that you can sell for an impressive PROFIT – and then rinse and repeat!

  • Simple ways to find all the content you need – so simple you can EASILY outsource the whole operation.

  • Sneaky ways to shortcut the whole process – because you're in a hurry!

Pretty exciting, don't you think? (Yes? No? Did you buy this before? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section).
Nothing for you to buy (yet) or to opt-in to. No deep words of wisdom, and no rants (for a change).
I just wanted to share my excitement with you!
Back to work getting the site ready…

Oh – just to remind you – I'll be offering a special deal for early birds, so keep an eagle-eye on your inbox.



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