Traffic Fusion and Confusion

On 6th April there is going to be a big launch for a traffic generation program from Precious Ngwu. It’s called Traffic Fusion. (Pre-launch is starting sometime today – 3rd April, so that link may be live by the time you read this.)

Along with hundreds of other affiliates, I’ve been invited to promote this with the enticement of a huge payday, massive EPCs etc. etc. But at the moment, I’m put off by the approach: I’ll explain why,

The USP is that Traffic Fusion is a highly advanced desktop software that gets traffic without SEO or paid ads. It really is being promoted as “push-button easy”.

Here’s a graphic from a preview of the sales page that I found before it was made public (even to affiliates!):

Traffic Fusion


And the claim is that “It takes under 2 minutes to launch your campaign and start getting targeted buyer traffic”. This rings lots of warning bells: “push-button easy” systems only make money for the people selling them.

And, at the time of writing this post, there is only a very sketchy, short video showing a few things going on and bandying some terms around that are not very meaningful.

  • Infiltration Accounts
  • Infiltration Accounts with Packs
  • Direct Infiltration / Sleeper Infiltration

It seems to be something to do with posting to various online “communities” – but Precious has given no explanation.

I’m waiting till I can get hold of a review copy – or at the very least, a much more detailed demonstration – before I recommend this.

And, to be honest, I’m put off by the massive effort that’s been put into persuading affiliates to promote something before there is even a proper demonstration showing what it is they are promoting – and the encouragement to create “bonuses” (which takes time and effort) without even fully understanding what the product does.

So I’m holding off making any recommendation till I know MUCH more about it. (I’ve told Precious over Skype that I need a review copy before promoting it – still waiting on that.)

My guess is that it will be an interesting refinement of posting to different types of groups within social media sites – with a big helping of automation. To be fair, Precious normally does come up with good stuff, and this could well be worth looking at, but I’m pretty sure the hype is likely be unjustified.

We’ll see.

The pre-launch may be underway by the time you read this, so here’s the link (and yes, it IS an affiliate link (as are other links on this page), but no, I’m not giving it my recommendation yet.)

Traffic Fusion
Traffic Fusion Sales Page

When I can see it in detail, if I think it’s good, I’ll recommend it. And if I can understand it well enough, and if I think I can add value by creating a bonus – I’ll do that. But at the moment, I can’t see beyond the end of the jetty: it’s too foggy and confusing (by way of explaining my post image!)


Alex Goodall


One thought on Traffic Fusion and Confusion

  • Thanks for being so real! We need more of people out there like you who just don’t need an ego boost! I am new to Internet Marketing ,sort of been trying to get rolling for almost two years. Raising an autistic granddaughter an have a partner whom starting to suffer from memory loss’ That kind of puts the budget in watch closely mode. But I will get it done because I know I can and the mindset is in the right place, just need to get the time frames in order! So thanks again for being a straight shooter, not many out there.

    Happy Trails To Where Ever They May Lead!!!

    Michael Smith

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