Traffic Fusion – Full Analysis

A few days ago, I commented here (Traffic Fusion and Confusion) about the rather annoying enticements for affiliates to promote Traffic Fusion when there was very little explanation about what exactly it is.

Traffic Fusion Confusion
Traffic Fusion Confusion

The guys behind this promotion are Chad Nicely (video front-man) and Precious Ngwu.

Today, the product went on sale and I bought it to decide whether it really is a “push-button easy” way to get “instant traffic” from “any niche” to “any destination”.

The hype surrounding the product has been excessive, to put it mildly. And this hype was perpetuated by the launch webinar that started off by claiming the traffic generated by using this would cause our servers to crash.

For me, as grumpy Brit, it was tedious sitting through the manufactured excitement of the presenter – but I stuck with it.

The quick verdict is this.

 Traffic Fusion IS potentially an “instant” traffic source, but it’s NOT a game-changer by a long way. To get it to work effectively and consistently requires a carefully thought-out strategy (see below for some hints), so it is definitely NOT a push-button solution to easy money. 


How Traffic Fusion Works

Traffic Fusion
The Traffic Fusion App

This is an overview of how it works. (Read this – it’s much faster than watching a video!)

  • You need to have at least one Google+ account. The sofware can handle multiple accounts.
  • In each Google+ account, you join a whole collection of Communities in the niche(s) of your choice.
  • In the Traffic Fusion desktop app (written in Adobe Air), you connect up with your Google+ account(s).
  • You create a “campaign” associated with a specific Google+ account and a collection of communities which that account is a member of: you can group collections of communities together into re-usable “packs”.
  • For each campaign, you create one or more “posts” that will be sent to a collection of communities: by using multiple posts, you ensure that not every community receives exactly the same post
  • For each post, you define some text plus an image or video of your choice: the text can be spun, thus providing even greater variety
  • When you launch a campaign, you can define over what period of time the posts should be made to the communities.

You can upgrade to the PRO version which provides these additional features

  • You can post to “communities” on LinkedIn (with multiple LinkedIn accounts)
  • You can post to “communities” on Tumblr (with multiple Tumblr accounts)
  • You can set up future scheduling of posts

BTW the PRO edition also includes a landing page template. But if you say “no” that, you can get the PRO edition for $20 less, without the template.

I would recommend NOT bothering with the template. To run your business you need access to professional landing page creation systems, so paying $20 for one specific template seems quite unnecessary.

Only part of a business

I have to keep pointing this out, because so many product promotions position them as a way to make a lot of cash quickly and easily – and the Traffic Fusion promotion has been no exception.

The point is this. It is ONLY a traffic source! To make money, you’ll still need to DO something with the traffic, which could be:

  • Send it to your own funnel / products / list building landing page
  • Send it to your blog posts
  • Send it to your social media pages (see below for more about this)
  • Send it direct to affiliate offers
  • Send it to CPA Offers
  • Send it to your client’s website / Facebook Page

The “easy” solutions above – sending to affiliate or CPA offers – require very little back-end work for you. However, a strategy based on this approach is unlikely to work in the long run unless you are VERY imaginative with your post. The danger is that you are likely to be seen as a spammer and the community moderator is likely to throw you out. OR, you’ll be posting to unmoderated communities which are just destinations for posts and never sources of information that anyone reads.

Create a strategy

Strategy for Traffic FusionThe very nice thing about Traffic Fusion is that you DON’T have to put in massive effort and wait a long time for results (as with SEO) or spend money whilst you’re testing (as with FB Advertising). In that sense, it IS “instant free traffic”.

But to make the most of it, you need a carefully thought out strategy.

There is no one “right” way to use the software, but a good approach would involve:

  • The normal research into finding a niche with people who are buyers
  • Finding communities that are active, where people respond to posts
  • Making full use of the multiple posts per campaign and text spinning capabilities of Traffic Fusion
  • Not making all your posts into pitches, but providing value as well
  • Developing a brand and reputation
  • Consider sending traffic to your own Community (in Google+) or Group (in LinkedIn) or Blog (in Tumblr), which you keep posted with good content (perhaps from your blog)
  • Ultimately, aim to get people on your list – which is STILL the most important asset you can create.


Although Traffic Fusion does not warrant the hype surrounding it (un-surprisingly),  it CAN provide fast, free traffic as part of a carefully-crafted, overall business system.

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