Video Landing Pages: The Best Start For Funnels

Video Landing Pages

Your landing pages are the most critical component of your funnels. But these days, your landing pages needs video – which means creating video landing pages.

If your landing pages don’t do their job, your traffic generation efforts are wasted and your funnel is ineffective and pretty much worthless. So you NEED to be able to create professional, effective, highly-converting video landing pages.

And that means having access to a tool that makes the job easy – unless you’re happy to pay high fees to designers.

One of the most popular tools for creating effective, professional-looking landing pages is called, appropriately enough, Lead Pages. It’s a very powerful system, no question about that. The only drawback is the cost: the lowest-cost Lead Pages service is $37 per month – for ever.


Too Expensive!






Video Landing Pages

But now there is an alternative called Video Pages. As it’s name implies, its focus is on creating video landing pages. There are three reasons to consider getting access to Video Pages.

OneFirstly, the price. Although it is an online service, as is Lead Pages, you only ever pay once (and for a limited time, there is a substantial discount on that once-off fee).


num-2-bluesq-59x59Secondly, the functionality. Take a look at this video




Thirdly, the bonuses!

You will be able to download this excellent collection of software tools if you purchase Video Pages though one of the the links on this page.




Video Landing Pages

Please note that the current price is for a limited time only.

The bonuses will be available via the Bonus button in your JV Zoo account after your make your purchase.

If you don’t already have a landing page design tool, this is your opportunity to get access to a powerful system for a once-off price: and currently a discounted once-off price.

What’s a landing page? See what Wikipedea says.

Alex Goodall

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