Video Motion PRO – A Revolution in Video Editing Software?

video motion pro
Video Motion PRO launches on 21 April. Learn more below & read about my bonuses.

There have been many products launched to support the massive growth in all aspects of video marketing. For example, there have been a tools for

…and MANY more example But somewhere amongst your armory of video tools and systems, there is one type of tool you MUST have – professional-level software for video/webcam screen capture and editing.

For many serious marketers, that means Camtasia: there’s not much you can’t do with it regarding video capture and editing. BUT … it’s a BIG, bloated beast that does serious damage to your wallet (almost $300 at the moment) and seriously tests your patience with a very steep learning curve.

Which is why I’m very happy to see the launch of Video Motion PRO.

It has exactly (and only) the core features needed by online marketers – so learning should be rapid. And the price (when first released on 21 April) should be around 15% of what you’d pay for Camtasia.

So – even if you own Camtasis, I wold think it’s worth buying Video Motion PRO at the launch price because you can get things done faster with a simpler tool. (For example, these days I nearly always use YouZign for graphics, even though I own Photoshop which does a LOT more – but often just confuses me!)

Video Overview of the Product & Bonuses

Register / buy Video Motion PRO via this button to ensure you get access to the bonuses.

The Bonuses (again!)

PRO Motion powerpoint templates are a set of 10 pro designed powerpoint slides which users can select and create into presentation slides for video courses and info products. Simply:

  • Customise the text
  • Add any relevant images and
  • Record using video motion pro.

Learn how to increase sales from your websites by creating professional, animated SALES VIDEOS. The course (on Udemy) teaches everything , including

  • Script writing
  • Voice-over narration, and
  • PRO video production (of course!)

Create stunning video motion background optin forms. These stunning and engaging pages will:

  • Help you dramatically increase your optin rates and
  • Significantly reduce the time needed to build a large email list.

Affiliate Tune is a VERY interesting word press plugin! It makes it easy for you to create affiliate music review pages which you  can use to promote music tracks from iTunes making easy affiliate commissions.

Register / buy via this button to ensure you get access to the bonuses.

Click to see how to access your bonuses after purchasing Video Motion PRO.

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