Webinar Registration 31 July 2012: Build Your Own B.O.S.S.

B.O.S.S. : Business Operating System and Strategy.

Most internet marketers have a goal to leave their JOB and fire their boss. But a good boss can be exceptionally valuable in helping you work efficiently, and is essential for defining the wider strategy of a business.

My Internet Professionals Master Agenda provides the highest level Strategy (the WHAT and WHY) for setting up and running an internet marketing business. The Business Operating System that I’ll be covering in this webinar provides the lowest level system for managing the HOW.

I explain and build on the best practices in “activity management” that have been proven to be highly effective over many years.

If I were in charge of the syllabus for schools, I would ensure everyone were taught these principles before reaching the age of 18. In a sane world, this would be an obvious thing to do.

But even though the world is insane, it’s never too late to bring some sanity – and efficiency – into your life!

You can read more about this on this post.

This registration is for the FREE part of the Webinar. It will be followed by a closed session for PRO members of Internet Professionals.

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