Website Traffic – What To Recommend?

You know, one of the (many!) things that I object to in much of internet marketing promotion is the sales pitch that explains how easy it is to get a business up and running.

Affiliate marketing is EASY! You don't even have to build a website – you just promote your affiliate link.

Making money from PLR products is EASY! Sure you need a website, but all you need to do is modify some ready-made one – and you're up and running!

It's a simple job for promoters to make it sound easy because they subtly mix up "business" and "website".

Sure, it IS (relatively) easy to get a website "up and running". But turning it into a business requires one more step…


Or more precisely…


And that is the hurdle that stops 94% of marketers in their tracks.

Second only to the disciplines I teach in the Internet Professionals Master Agenda, there is quite simply NOTHING more important than traffic.

If you can master traffic – you can make money: if you can't, you can't.

I know you know this, but how much of your effort are you devoting to mastering this key discipline?

  • As a traffic professional, you can transform a (converting) Website into a Business.
  • As a traffic professional, you can build new income streams for yourself and know that they will pay off.
  • As a proven traffic professional, you can sell your skills to offline business for high fees.

As you know, I don't offer myself up as an expert in traffic generation, but for some while now, I've felt that I need to give some sort of guidance to my mentees and to members of my Internet Professionals Master Agenda program.

It's very hard for me to recommend particular SEO or PPC or Article Marketing etc. courses (although I may at some point). But what DID come to mind was an eclectic and slightly "edgy" collection of very powerful techniques that had been on sale last year and which impressed me greatly.

The bad news, though, is that (as they promised) the promoters closed down the offer after a few weeks.

The good news, however, is that I've purchased rights to them!

I'm VERY happy about that – and you should be too!

I'm still putting the site together, but pretty soon, you'll be able to access an arsenal of 7 or 8 exciting, powerful and highly effective traffic techniques. One or more of these could convert your website into a business.

I'll offer a special deal for early birds, so make sure you subscribe to get notification.

Alex Goodall

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