What It Will Take For You To Succeed

I recently launched my Internet Professionals List Building Coaching Program, and although I’m doing everything I can to make this as foolproof a way as possible to create an online income – the reality is that neither the mechanics of the system nor my guidance are the critical success factor.
The critical success factor is the behaviour of the participants.
This is how I make that point in the introductory webinar.


It is NOT, the blueprint nor my coaching.

Personal growth: If you are not (yet) the sort of person who is “successful” – you need to BECOME such a person.

YOU need to develop as you develop your business.

More…  Expect more of yourself;  Stretch yourself;  Be uncomfortable

Vehicle:  Use this project as a personal growth vehicle, as well as an income vehicle.


Unless you are full-time in IM, make this your ONLY project for the time being.

Cancel everything else!


Don’t buy ANYTHING unless it directly supports your business

Invest insead.  Any spare cash you may have spent on something else – buy solo ads instead.


Although this is not a unique, “revolutionary” business plan, don’t let that fool you into not regarding it as a “proper” business.,

A hobby mentality is fatal.

A Business mentality is ESSENTIAL!


$100 / day:  Decide NOW to stick with this business AT LEAST until you reach $100 / day

Do NOT decide  “it’s not for me” until you reach that milestone.

If it really isn’t for you at that point, then sell your business for a handsome profit!


The path to success shakes off everyone who attempts it. Therefore, success is reserved only for those who climb back EVERY time.


Be obsessive about your business.

No-one achieved anything worthwhile by being half-hearted.

Priorities: In the list of what is important in your life, where does this goal sit?

Upset: If your obsession upsets those around you, you’re probably on the right track.

Of course, all these points are important whatever business model you are following – but if you’ve not yet chosen a business model, then things are bit different for you. Your focus (and your obsession) needs to be on finding one!

Depending on when you read this, there may or may not be places available on this List Building Coaching program. You can read more here.


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