Whatever you do DON’T FORGET THIS at Christmas!

Mince pies? Mulled wine? Glad tidings of joy?
Of course, we have to have all the above – but there’s something else that’s even more important than mince pies.
The following little scenario explains what and why. And as it happens, it is also a close approximation to how I feel at the moment…. Read on to see why.


You’re 9 years old.
It’s Christmas day and you’ve run downstairs to check for any new additions to the presents around the Christmas tree – because what you REALLY want was not there last night.
Your heart skips a beat and goes into overdrive because THERE IT IS!
It’s all wrapped up, but you can tell by the bulges that it’s DEFINITELY that special toy you’ve been wanting and wanting and wanting for what seems like a lifetime!
…And you’ve been told you can open it NOW!
You tear at the wrapping paper and gradually your treasure is revealed and your excitement grows even more.
You can’t WAIT to start playing! You want it NOW.
But there are no batteries.
There Are NO Batteries.
What can be more important than batteries at Christmas?

As for me….

It’s true that I don’t have the emotional intensity of a Christmas-hyped 9 year old, but I’m certainly excited, frustrated and impatient.
You see, what I’ve been “wanting and wanting and wanting for what seems like a lifetime” is an easy way to quickly and consistently generate traffic for any keyword, for any URL.
You too, huh?
Well, yesterday morning – there it was, wrapped up under the Christmas tree (metaphorically!).
It’s called Video Synd Alpha.
An easy way to quickly and consistently generate traffic for any keyword, for any URL.
This software – which has actually been around, but “under the radar”, since April/May this year – uses video promotion in ingenious, innovative, unique and very effective ways to rank anything you want -VERY quickly.
I see Video Synd Alpha forming a central role in my traffic strategies for ALL my businesses. In some cases, this could be all I need.
I came to that conclusion after spending several hours reading the sales page, watching the training videos and going through the case study. The more I saw, the lower my jaw dropped!
This is one HELL of a beast!  The power, scope and level of automation is staggering.
(And no, you don’t need to create large numbers of highly professional videos. Even a single 1- minute white-board video will do the trick.)
So you can imagine – I was itching to get access to have a go and, all being well, promote it as well as use it.
But there were no batteries, so I’m having to wait!!!
(“Batteries” in this case is an installation process that works on my machine – and it’s got me VERY frustrated!)
To be clear, this is established working software, but they are changing the installation process prior to the first “public” launch on the 27th – and I guess this is where it hit some glitch for some configurations and anti-virus systems.
I’m getting excellent support via Skype, so I’m sure they’ll have it fixed by the 27th.
Get ready for some excitement later this week!
To Be Continued…..
On another note – whilst hunting around for interesting things under the tree, I came across SocialPop.
This is a VERY nice tool (+ WP Plugin) for boosting conversions.
You can see it in operation on the sales page itself, and there are some creative ideas for using it in the sales video.
Take a look – I’d be very surprised if you didn’t see a way it could help your own business.
P.S. To be clear – when I say Video Synd Alpha can “rank for any keyword”, don’t expect magic to happen overnight for highly competitive keywords. But for long-tail keywords (which it helps you find thousands of!) – it certainly seems a bit like sorcery!

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