What’s the value in my mentoring program?

I posted earlier about the new pricing for the IPMA Program and in that post I mentioned how it would effect my mentees and my mentoring program.

I want to clarify here exactly how that works, and for that, I want to be clear about where the value lies.

Here is what comes with the mentoring program:

  • Access to the material on the Internet Professionals website, as available to IPMA members. Specifically:
    • The Internet Professionals Master Agenda program material (which includes the Professional Development Program).
    • the Monthly IM Mastery packages
  • Profile Review. You complete a profile and I comment on it. There are many reasons for doing this:
    • There is a LOT of material in the IPMA. Knowing your circumstances, I can help you navigate a path through it that is optimum for your needs.
    • More importantly, I can help you figure out what your real needs are. I estimate that in about 6 or 7 out of every 10 profiles I look over, I make a very strong recommendation for a significant change in direction.
    • Knowing your circumstances allows me to give you much more value via the Accountability Program element of my mentoring.
  • Accountability Program: Here, you send me a weekly Report of what you did the previous week, and a Plan of what you intend to do in the coming week. I look at it and, where relevant, make some comments. Most often, my comments are in the form of questions, asking you to justify your decisions.

This is most certainly the most annoying part of the mentoring program. Firstly, it's a real pain having to make a plan each week. Secondly, it's bigger pain having to write down how well you performed against it – and tell someone else about it. Thirdly, it's frustrating having to justify your decisions. All those things are what people in J.O.B.S. have to do, and working on your internet business is your way of avoiding all that nonsense – right?

Well, for all those reasons, that is exactly why the Accountability Program is THE most valuable part of the whole mentoring program – odd as that may seem.

If you've not been making use of it, I really cannot say this too strongly: send in a weekly report! No matter how rough your plans are; no matter how badly you manage to stick to them – just DO IT! And do it EVERY WEEK!

I will write another blog post about the real reason this is important: it's a lot more subtle than you think!

  • Email questions: you can send me an email at any time with questions about any aspect of the IPMA. Actually, you can ask me about anything you want, but the topics I can answer better than most other people are those related to the IPMA topics.

And a new benefit I am adding:

  • Skype sessions: when you have an important decision to make, or if you are stuck or directionless and an email conversation is not sufficient… ask for a Skype session with me. I'm not going to put an arbitrary limit on the number of such sessions because I don't expect anyone to abuse this (and wouldn't let them anyway!).


So – that's a review of what the benefits are of being in my mentoring program. I used to emphasize the important of access to IPMA material – and whereas that IS important in the early stages, the real benefit is in the Profile Review and Accountability Program.

Now – with all the above as the context – here is how the new pricing effects my mentees.

  • The pricing ONLY effects access to the IPMA material.
  • If you have been a mentee for 10 months or more, you will have lifetime access to the IPMA material – even if you cancel your payments
  • Lifetime access to the IPMA material does NOT include access to the Monthly IM Mastery packages.
  • If you joined my mentoring program and left before you reached 10 months, you can sign up to the IPMA program for the extra months to reach 10 payments, and then you'll get lifetime access to all the IPMA material.

If you're interested, you can register here for the mentoring program. The current cost is just $47 per month.

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