Why You Should Be Inspired By Your FULL Inbox

Look in your inbox.

On second thoughts, don’t bother! You already know what it’s like.


You get annoyed with so many people mailing you so often. And if you get annoyed by it, most of those marketers who constantly mail you must be wasting their time.

So they must be pretty stupid to keep doing it – right?

Just like all those Adwords advertisers who keep showing their ads on Google’s search pages: you hardly EVER click on them, so surely they must be wasting their time and money? And yet it’s a time-wasting activity that provided Google with $43 billion of revenue in 2012.

So lets get back to those marketers who keep sending us all those unwanted emails and re-evaluate them. Probably they aren’t stupid. Probably they aren’t wasting their time. Probably, just like those adwords advertisers who pay Google $43 billion/year and still make a massive profit themselves (mostly!), those email marketers are doing very well for themselves!

Or they wouldn’t keep doing what they are doing.

So when you see all those emails filling up your inbox – don’t get annoyed: get inspired!


It’s clear that marketers spend a big chunk of their time crafting emails to send to their subscribers (or a big chunk of their budget paying for someone to do it).

So it’s rather surprising how little training there is on how to write effective emails and how to nurture a good relationship with subscribers (if that is the model you choose).

[Side note:

Most marketers who teach list building / email marketing tell you how THEY do it, and assume that that is the only valid way.

Some say: “You MUST form a close relationship of trust, or you’ll just be wasting your time”. Others say: “Blast your list 3 times a day – that’s the way to maximize your profits”.

Personally, I don’t take sides – and I know people who mail multiple times a day and STILL have a strong relationship. In fact, I am taking a multi-model approach in my business, and that’s what I teach in my¬†list-building coaching program]


I recall when I first start mailing my list, I hadn’t been properly trained.

I was VERY cautious! I worried that I would annoy people if I mailed more than once a week; that they would get bored because what I wrote wasn’t relevant; that I would offend them by promoting stuff… and so on.

And, in fact, all those things I worried about came to pass! People have unsubscribed from my list for all those reason, and for more!

But what I discovered was – it doesn’t matter! That is EXACTLY what happens – and all it means is that, you have to grow your list faster than people un-subscribe from it. It DOESN’T mean you have to mail less often, or try to please everybody with what you write, or not promote stuff.

It’s not unusual for me to get two types of responses to the same mailing:

“I’m unsubscribring because I’m fed up with all this promotion.”


“Thank you SO MUCH for bringing this to my attention!”

If you’re just starting out in this field, you have to put aside the behaviour and emotions which are valid when you are communicating with a small group of people who probably know you (e.g. when talking to friends or giving a presentation at work or at a conference). You have to learn different behaviours and emotions. You need to learn to be more like a politician or business leader – anything you do or say will please some people and upset others.

If you’re interested in learning more about this (I mean email marketing, not being a politician!) – and especially about the “trust and relationship” model of email marketing, there’s an excellent little eBook available from John Schwartz called:

Email Marketing For The Squeamish

Here’s the Table of Contents:

1. What do I say? 6

2. I don’t know these people… I feel intimidated. 8

3. I feel weird sending affiliate offers… Don’t like “pushing” for sales. 11

4. I get upset and offended when anyone unsubscribes! 13

5. How often should I email my list? 17

6. Can I start sending emails to an older list I haven’t emailed lately? 17

7. What about spam complaints? 19

8. How can I stand out from all the other list owners? 23

9. My list is small… Should I wait to send emails until it’s bigger? 25

10. Do I need more than one list?… What is “segmenting?” 26

11. Where do I find tips and other free info to send to my list? 27

12. How do I find affiliate offers to send?… Do I need my own product? 27

13. What if no one buys what I promote? 29

14. How can I get my subscribers to respond more often? 31

15. How much time should I devote to building vs. emailing my list? 32

16. How much personal information should I talk about in my emails? 34

17. How many times should I email for something I’m promoting? 36

18. How do I know when to charge for something or give it away free? 37

19. What’s the difference between a ‘Welcome’ email and ‘Follow-ups?’ 39

20. Is my list ‘dead?’… How can I revive it? 41


This is very valuable training at low cost:

Email Marketing For The Squeamish



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