Will you join me on the Quick Start Challenge 3.0?

In a few hours’ time, registration on this year’s Quick Start Challenge 3.0 is closing.

This is a 4-week, very low-cost coaching program by Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips which is aimed at helping internet marketers get to the point where they have a stable and growing income online.

I’m not the target market for this program since I already have a successful online business – BUT I plan to go through the program myself, and as I do so provide direct support to my own small group of subscribers.

Here are the UNIQUE bonuses I am offering – which makes this VERY NEARLY a true one-to-one coaching program:

Bonus 1.

Mind Map of the QSC 3 Training (for anyone buying through my link).

Whenever I go through a learning program which I intend putting into practice, I always create an online mind map with a very specific structure to record my learning and plan my processes.

I will do exactly that with the QSC training during the 4 week program and make it available to anyone who purchases through my link. You’ll be able to access it via the JV Zoo page.

This will be an invaluable resource and the most convenient way to access all the material on the program. (AND you will learn how I structure such mind maps and be able to apply the ideas yourself in future. That’s probably worth the price of the coaching program itself!)

Bonus 2.

Skype Support Group – 3 months access (for OTO 2 purchasers only – $14.95/m)

This is what could make the biggest difference to your success. This will provide you with the Accountability and Support that is essential for success. It’s not quite one-on-one coaching – but it’s not far off!

By being part of such a group you’ll get motivation and encouragement. You’ll more easily overcome hurdles – both technical and emotional. You’re much less likely to quit.

Access to this group will be only for people who purchase the low-cost OTO 2 – a continuity program of access to regular “goodies” from Craig to help improve your business

Who this is for.

  • Anyone who is new to online marketing and it looking for a simple business model to get started.
  • Anyone who has been online for some time but has never managed to focus on one thing long enough to make it work.
  • Anyone who would like access to a mentor, but has never been able to afford it.

Who is this NOT for.

Anyone who is already focused on a business model.

QSC gives you the blueprint. My unique Bonuses will turn the blueprint into an income-generating system!

The last time I did anything like that, it was as part of a $497 program I created.

If you’ve struggled to make this online thing work for you – I STRONGLY encourage you to sign up NOW and switch from being someone who keeps spending money online, to someone who is making money online – at least!

Last chance to register for the Quick Start Challenge 3.0

I look forward to working with you in our Skype group!


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