World Economic Doom vs. YOU

The world economy is very ill.

Banks have been playing around in the financial markets to an extent that is still unknown, and that could still do yet more serious damage.

Countries have run up unsustainable levels of debt with no obvious means to get out of it.

Unemployment is high and increasing in the majority of the developed economies.

Unrest is growing everywhere.


How does all that make you feel?

Concerned for the plight of so many people who have limited options? Yes, of course.

Worried about your own situation? NO!

Because YOU have options.

You have available to you something which 99% of people do not: a means to earn an income that is within YOUR control. Not the control of some corporation; not the control of a government agency; not the control of a bank; not even the control of any single market.

YOUR control.

And not just any old income, but a SIGNIFICANT income. To one degree or another, you are in a situation where you CAN survive the economic woes that are likely to get worse and stay bad for many years. Not only survive, but thrive!

And not only CAN you thrive, but it is your DUTY to thrive. Because the more economic activity YOU can generate personally, the more you will be contributing to the general economic growth of the world.

  • As your income grows, you can pay off your debt: good for you, good for your country, good for the world.
  • As your income grows, you can buy more stuff: good for you, good for your country, good for the world.
  • As your business grows you can hire more people: good for you, good for your country, good for the world.

[Can you eventually hire a student or two who would otherwise be out of work? Can you take on some outsourcers in the Philippines and – even in a small way – spread the wealth more evenly across the world?]

To make money online – the sort of money that will satisfy the needs of you and your family – you don't need the economy to be booming. You just need to be smart enough to tap into a very tiny fraction of a percent of the $billions that flow through the online world each day.

Even in the depth of the worst recession, $billions are still spent each day.

You just need to know how to tap into that – recession, depression, boom or bust – it doesn't matter.

So don't panic and don't get depressed by the incessant news of economic doom and gloom.

In fact, use it to motivate yourself to slowly but surely make a difference. Systematically go about creating the assets that will provide you with that income under all economic circumstances.

Those assets are

FIRSTLY: your skills; your business processes; your business relationships

And then ultimately: websites that rank and convert; responsive lists; and optionally – your own products

I have set up my online operations to exploit my knowledge and skills to help you do exactly that: make use of it!

To your personal success and your contribution to the world's recovery!


2 thoughts on World Economic Doom vs. YOU

  • Excellent article.  To your list of personal assets, I would add :"dogged persistence" and "patience".   There will always be obstacles and constraints, which causes the vast majority of entrepreneurs to become discouraged and eventually give up.  The solution is to follow the process Alex has laid out for you…and just keep at it.  There is no need to give up.  Alex has spent a great deal of time to develop an approach that will minimize your tendency to make costly mistakes, and will maximize the probability of your ultimate success. 

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