XSite Pro Webinar – Worth Attending

There are two must attend webinars coming up: at least for me .

I "must attend" the first one (TODAY) because I need to understand the tool more fully.

And I "must attend" the second one (WED 2nd MARCH) because… I'm giving it!


XSitePro – I'll be attending this Webinar: why don't you?



Xsite PRO

Ever since I can remember being online, I've been hearing about XSite PRO.

It started off as just another HTML Editor with a few features targeted to internet marketers. I was happy enough with FrontPage, so I never investigated it.

Every now again I heard about developments and improvements, and some while ago there was a big brouhaha about Version 2 being launched. I still didn't take a lot of notice.

And now they are making another big deal of the launch of V2.5

Here's what they are saying…

Version 2.5 really does take web site development to a whole
new level of ease-of-use AND power Alex, and includes
200 brand-new, professionally-designed templates, as well as
a whole bunch of cool new features which we've been
demonstrating in webinars over the past few days.

The webinars have been going down a storm (in fact we
actually hit full capacity with the sales presentation last

Assuming they have the original standard GotoWebinar package – that means they hit 1,000 attendees. That made me take notice!

So I decided it's worth spending the hour to work out whether it's the product that's really good, or just their ability to get attendees.

And since it does seem to be something of an industry standard tool, it's something I for one should be better informed about.

It'll be a nice change to attend a webinar instead of give one!

If you're on Twitter, we can exchange opinions as we watch: use the hashtag #xspweb in your tweets.

Register free here:





FREE WEBINAR: Seven Ways To Profit From Professionalism

But I can't go for long without giving a webinar – and this is the next in line! (Note that this isn't the regular private webinar for IPMA members and mentees: I'll announce that later.)

I know I go on a lot about "professionalism" – and I know a lot of people regard it as a rather woolly concept.

Most people are more interested in making a profit (something that can be measured) rather than the abstract, feel-good idea of professionalism.

So I thought I'd try and bring the idea down to earth.


In this free webinar, I'm going to talk about seven ways in which being "professional" can make a concrete contribution to your profits in your online business.

I'm making the case that, far from being abstract, professionalism is probably THE most important contributor to making non-abstract profits!

If you're in my mentoring program, or if you're a member of the full Internet Professionals Master Agenda program, you won't be surprised by the sorts of things I talk about: but I'll be presenting the ideas in a somewhat different way – so you may still want to come along.

If you're not in either of those programs – come along and take a refreshingly different look at your business. The chances are pretty high that this is JUST what you need to hear if you're struggling to make progress.



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