You need a good BOSS!

One of the joys of being self-employed is not having a boss.

One of the problems of being self-employed is not having a boss.

Actually, both of those are wrong: the joy and problem of being self-employed is that YOU are YOUR OWN boss.

The joy is that YOU make all the decisions.

The problem arises if you are no good as a boss: in that case, your business will never get anywhere.

Here's a three minute video I made about what makes a good boss.



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Have bossy day!


2 thoughts on You need a good BOSS!

  • Thank you Alex, excellent advice as always. While watching the video, I realised that I no longer had a proper plan or agenda. My general plan was to focus on Amazon sites this year but I didn't have an agenda of how and when. So I get sidetracked (shiny objects) and head in different directions. This fragments my time and I get cross with myself for not staying on track.
    I'm going to spend this weekend planning, seriously planning with pen and paper, what I intend to do for the rest of this month. Then I'll follow my plan without distractions and see how much I've achieved by the beginning of May.
    I love being my own boss. I'm motivated and absolutely love what I'm doing. I need to be more focused on a plan. This is what your video has shown me. Thank you.

  • Great one Alex! I've been my own boss since 1988…and can't say I've been a very good one based on this definition. AND it has definitely been a process of learning what is important and how to prioritize my time and my actions. 
    As both a split brained person (oh, I'm rarely at a loss for ideas) and a process/business analyst (oh, those steps are so important), I've often found myself having arguments in my own head about what and why.
    Your approach is right on the nose and ever so important for being successful. And it is now what I'm doing…took a while and that's what I tell others now. DON'T let the shiny objects take you away from your dream and your focus.
    To being a good BOSS!
    love and light, hugs and blessings

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