Your Plans for 2012

There are 39 days before the counter clicks round and 2011 becomes 2012.

And New Years are great times for New Beginnings.

So I'm beginning to put plans in place for a special limited-time program that will start in the new year.

I have been studying some very exciting ideas around creating organizational structures and accountabilities that are gaining ground with forward-looking companies.

Although these ideas are designed for organizations with multiple employees, I am sure that some of the principles can be adapted and used to improve one-person operations.

What I have in mind is a 3-4 month program of application: actually working with people to put some of these ideas into practice.

The pricing will depend on exactly how I structure the program, but be aware that I'm going to be driven by how the program can have maximum impact on people's business rather than on how I can minimize the cost.

Of course, I'll be building on the Internet Professionals MA, but this program will be mainly about how you operate your business – managing yourself and your responsibilities – with a 3 month intensive to help you learn and consolidate the habits.

How does that sound?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.






2 thoughts on Your Plans for 2012

  • Sounds like a darn good idea to me Alex. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. Not too happy to know there are so few days left in this year though.

  • Any significant online business has inherent complexities and challenges.  One of the biggest challenges we have is our lack of understanding and training in terms of how to actually run a business.  We have lots of info regarding marketing but not very much about how to operate a business.

    I think many of us can sell a product.  But we don't know how to profitably scale up a business without increasing our time inputs.

    So…any assistance you can provide to us would be welcomed.  Maybe you can flesh out some details so that we can better grasp what you have in mind.


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