You’re either FOLLOWING a blueprint, FINDING a blueprint or WASTING TIME

The reason so many people spend so long online and make ZERO (or very little) income is because they jump from one "opportunity" to the next, looking for a quicker, easier way to make a buck.
I know you know that!
So – the key message of this post is this (please take it to heart):
1) If you have a business model / blueprint in place and are following a good blueprint,
    then keep doing that (and stop reading this post)
2) If not – the ONLY thing you should be doing is choosing a suitable
    business model and then finding a good blueprint to follow.

    Anything else is a distraction.
(That is actually a core idea behind my Internet Professionals Master Agenda program.)
The rest of this message is about choosing a model and a blueprint.

I did some research the other day because I wanted to recommend a business model / blueprint to a mentee. I was SO IMPRESSED with what I found that I was inspired to write this post and share what I found.

The reason this is so important is that it could very well become the foundation of a successful business for everyone who is still reading at this point.

I know that the hot topics are "Mobile" and "Kindle and "Offline" and "Product Creation/WSOs" – but I'm a traditionalist! I think it's best to get a good grounding in the fundamentals first. And the simplest way to do that is to do what IMers have done since the dawn of the online world: create niche sites, rank them for selected keywords and monetize them.

In the course of my research I evaluated 7 "getting started" blueprints to support this general business model. I already had access to two of these, I bought three of them, and I studied the sales pages and reviews of the other two.

I'm not going to give a detailed review of each of them, but I'll just give you my conclusion.


Maybe you have come across this before, because it's been around for nearly two years. If you have it on your hard drive – dust it off (and make sure you get the upgrade) and start using it!

If you don't own it and are looking for a blueprint – get it now and start using it. Anything else you do is a distraction.

There are MANY reasons why I recommend Profit Storm 5.0.

– Andrew Macleod (the author) is an affiliate marketer, not a promoter in the IM niche (other than this one product). What we get is the REAL system used by someone whose income depends on the system itself, not on the sales of the system.
– He is also a down-to-earth, no-hype guy, and when you buy his product, you get his product. That's it! No OTO, no upsell, no downsell, no membership area promoting other products, no bonuses to distract you. No follow-on webinar to sign you up to a continuity program. All he has to say is in his product. That is actually very refreshing!

– The product is well established (first launched in May 2010), but has been kept up to date (this is version 5.0). Not only has he kept it up to date with the changes in SEO, but he has also expanded it (e.g. adding CPA as well as standard affiliate promotions) and made topics clearer with fuller explanations and more examples based on feedback from users (e.g. the section on market selection and keyword research).

– The level of complexity is just about right. There are simpler systems (less income) and more complex ones (longer to set up, possibly more income). Profit Storm 5.0 is just about right for most people.

– The level of detail is about right. Andrew demonstrates pretty much every step, but without belabouring the details.
– It is a once-off price (unlike some of the other products)

– It is low cost (the second cheapest) but at $27 it is truly exceptionally good value for money

– Andrew provides help and support via the WSO thread (about 2,400 posts so far) and email, I believe.

– The model is not restricted to one type of affiliate product or program. (It was originally focused on Clickbank, but no longer). Other systems focus on physical products, for example.

– The course is comprehensive. For example, it includes a video on testing and tracking, and also one on Tax implications.

Am I saying there is nothing more to learn? No, of course not.
There is ALWAYS more to learn, better tools to use, new technqiues to adopt. Improvements and refinements go on forever. BUT – this course is an excellent way to get that all-important "framework" in place – and after that, you can improve and refine as you gain experience and keep on learning.
So it's very simple… To repeat my key message
1) If you have a business model in place and are following a good blueprint,
    then keep doing that.
2) If not – the ONLY thing you should be doing is choosing a suitable
    business model and then finding a good blueprint to follow.  Anything
    else is a distraction.

I have evaluated SEVEN getting-started blueprints, and my clear recommendation is Profit Storm 5.0

Your alternative? Find a gimmick that promises immediate results, but only delivers inevitable disappointment – again!
Alex Goodall



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